Geography Essay Paper on MEMORANDUM


TO: Fire Chief

FROM: Fire Prevention Officer

DATE: May 22, 2017

SUBJECT: Sprinkling A-3 Properties

Following the increased cases of fires reported to the Fire Department, it was realized that there is a great need to seriously look into the matter. The fires have been reported to cause great damage and have affected various property including a bowling alley, church building, and library among other areas. These occurrences are on the rise despite the department meeting all the requirements stated under the international fire code section 903.2.1.3.The IFC code except for buildings with below 12,000 square feet from sprinkler installation.

The Department found out that most buildings affected by the fire are below 12’000 square feet. There, all A-3 properties are required to install sprinklers. This would be a major step towards reducing the number of fires reported to the department. The reduced fires in the city would be the main impact while the benefits would include preparation and protection of more buildings through the new requirements. The residents will feel safer under the new requirements as their areas of assembly would be secured. Cost analysis shows that the city would also save more funds spent on repairing burnt properties. The modification of the IFC would not be against the international law but would be a step made to enhance the safety of the residents as well as the protection of properties within the city.

As the fire chief, you have the power to make the amendments to the IFC code and approve the changes. This recommendation would have positive impacts on the city in general and the fire department in particular. I would be available for any further consultation should you agree to consider these recommendations.