Geography Research Paper on Geography Geopolitics

Geography Research Paper on Geography Geopolitics.

Major Factors US uses to Strategize to gain establishment in the Middle East.

First the America strategic position in the world geopolitics give it a better chance. This because it enjoys favorable international position in the world. The US is more secure and has the deadliest security and information access of the middle east operations. In summary, the America position help her blows away minor threats proportionally (Kartin,2002).  Secondly, the US has large, population, rich and fertile lands, vegetables and verse resources which can feed them for decades without depending on the Middle east operations. This assures the US stability and it is mostly appropriate that the Middle East countries would seek the US help giving the US an upper hand to strategize in the Middle East. Third Strategy, the US need to keep oil and gas flow in the region to world markets. This makes the have the urge to have strategic planning to gain the Middle East existence and relationship. The final factor is counteracting and minimizing the anti-American terrorism that will affect the US and make their citizens, region and the world insecure.

Pros and cons for Turkish Army to overthrow the existing regime.

The pros of Turkish Army attempt to overthrow the government are three; One it showed the weakness and power the army can have if discipline is not attained in a given region.  It led to reforms that help bring an end to military anarchy and quest for power in a nation. Finally, it led to show Turkey and the world at large the importance of transparency in government spending on defense and policy making process. The disadvantages are that; Loss of lives as the military which swore to protect the civilians killed them mercilessly. Secondly, loss of trust and admiration for the armed forces. This made it hard for civilians to heal or have confidence in the army. It destabilized political stability and economic growth. As the fight against Islamic state of Iraq almost took advantage and lots army schools were shuttered down to pave way for university military training centers.

Why Assad’s regime lasted long in Syria and impacts of Syria civil war.

The Assad enjoyed large support from the terrorist organizations and regimes that have deep foots on Syria. Moreover, the recent Arab spring movement caused most uprisings that Assad enjoyed and took advantage of the weaponry brought to Syria (Anderson, 2013). Finally, the reluctance by the international community step into the Assad regime gives him control for long time.

The aftermath of the Syria civil war cannot be under estimated as it had the following impacts on people. One is that, there is loss of faith in the country as most of people died and large numbers have fled to other neighboring countries for refuge. Secondly, is the mass destruction of properties, towns and cities. This has left most parts in region lifeless. The country faces a devastated economy and minimal or no resources to rebuild the country back. There is loss of cultures and humanity that is part of the world beauty.

Reasons why the 1991 negotiations failed Between Israeli and Palestine

Difference in political ideologies. Where Palestine wanted Israeli to withdraw their troops from Syria but Israel responded that it was prepared to negotiate a withdrawal but the extent and timing of that withdrawal depended on Syria agreeing to a peace treaty. Additionally, an extended period of normalization of relations first was to come first. Any agreement would also have to be accepted in a referendum in Israel. This made Palestine to feel they were under Israeli control and submission.


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