Geology Article Review on Seas do not Rise Evenly-It matters which Glaciers Melt

The essay of the topic for your essay is a current event in science.
Minimum Word Length for Final Draft of Essay: 1000 words
Directions: Read through several recent(published within the last three years)
scientific magazines (suggested publications: Science, National Geographic,
Discover, New Scientist, Scientific American, or Nature). Pick out one article which
relates directly to a topic within Earth Science(Earth surface, Earth Materials, Plate
Tectonics, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Earth History, Mountain Building, Dynamic
Oceans, Atmosphere, Severe Weather, or Climate& Climate Change).
Each essay must include:
– Reference Page (APA format preferred)
– Author’s name and discussion of author qualifications
– Summary of the article – IN YOUR OWN WORDS
– A CRITIQUE of the data, results, and conclusions of the article – IN YOUR OWN
NOTE: to critique is to analyze the pros and cons of the article
1. Is the author presenting good science or just opinion?
2. Is the author a recognized expert?
3. How could the article be improved?
– Answer the following questions:
1. How does the topic of the article affect the Earth as a whole?
2. How does this article relate to my life?