Guidelines to Follow When Choosing the Best Argumentative Essay Topics

Guidelines to follow when choosing the best argumentative essay topics

You cannot avoid arguments in life. Equally, argumentative writing is a common assignment in colleges. It allows you to articulate your perspective about the worldview. However, you are likely to score low results or experience insurmountable challenges because of your topic of choice. Choosing the best argumentative essay topics is the first step towards overcoming this challenge.

Throughout this guide, you will discover the qualities of a good argumentative topic. In a moment, you will also find out that some of the topics that were once good for arguments are no longer significant. Read on and become a master selector of topics, which are interesting and likable.

Recommended ways of choosing the best argumentative essay topics

It takes a careful eye to settle on a proper topic that allows you to develop the argument with a lot of ease. It is harmless to select your topic and build a strong claim, but it becomes harmful when you choose a wrong topic for your class assignment.

A bad argument topic can turn your writing experience that was initially full of energy and smiles into a nightmare. The following tips should equip you with the wisdom to make accurate choices before you think of writing your persuasive essay.

Go for what you know. This should be like an obvious cardinal rule if you want to stand tall in argumentation. Select a topic on which you have some background and understand the debatable issues. This will save you a lot of legwork, as you know what to research from the word go.

Choose your passion. While this is not a must requirement, it matters if you care about what you enjoy in life. Even if you choose to ignore your passion, remember that the reader never cares about your choice of topic more than you do.

Be specific. Choosing the best argumentative essay topics requires you to be clear and specific. Select a topic that is not too broad and explore both sides of the issue. After all, you do not have all the time in the world to look at a single topic.

It should be supportable. The basis of any argument is defending the issues that arise. If you cannot develop defenses for your topic and the counterarguments, then you should consider another topic as early as now. On the other hand, if your opponents have a different thought on your counterargument, then rethink through your topic.

Choose something that is emotionally appealing. Emotions in an argument will create a link between you and your audience. Since most people in the world hardly think rationally, purpose to have them invest emotionally into what you are saying and what you are set to achieve. While you will have to remain rational in your argument, things are likely to turn against you if you choose a topic that arouses no feelings.

With this foundation, let us consider examples to help you reflect on what we have learned so far.

Example #1: Argumentative essay topics

This is an excellent argumentative essay topic. It is captivating because it addresses an issue surrounding us. Developing this argument is easy just as the writer of the essay pieced together the argument.

This is another selected topic and essay to consider. At the mention of shelter, something rings in the reader’s mind because it is one of the basic needs of man. The topic is also debatable and highly emotional on the government’s role in providing shelter.

Debating handguns can be quite interesting because of the ongoing debates. Everyone wants to hear both sides of the issue. The issue is emotional because of how guns threaten the security of Americans.

Use these examples as your benchmark when choosing the best argumentative essay topics and your experience in argumentation will never be the same.

5 things that make a good argumentative essay topic

Unlike other dry and informational essays you encounter in college, argumentative writing is interesting because it allows you to express your religious, political and philosophical views.

Your argumentative topic will determine your final score. Most students get frustrated and end up scoring low marks because of settling on a weak or undeveloped topic. The list below highlights the characteristics of a good argumentative essay. Take a look…

Qualities of a good argumentative topic

A good topic is relevant. As you choose your topic of debate, remain as relevant as possible. Relevance is so significant that it goes beyond mere selection of a topic that relates to your coursework. For example, there are many political topics, which were once relevant but have lost meaning today. A relevant topic will pique your audience and hold them to the end.

A good topic is defensible.

Choosing a topic that allows you to take an indefensible stance will push you between a rock and a hard surface. Conduct meticulous research, leaving no room for refutation from the audience unless one has exceptional knowledge in the field. If you choose a topic that cannot be proven or disproven, you will not have a chance to defend your position with evidence.

A good topic is a touching topic.

When choosing the best argumentative essay topics, go for issues that inspire some degree of emotions among readers. However, do not use this requirement to turn your argument into an inflammatory essay. In essence, humanize your topic so that it relates with our daily experiences. Use emotionally moving anecdotes to hold your reader. This explains why emotional appeal remains a major technique in rhetorical writing.

A good topic is concrete.

Do not select a topic that lacks a clear definition. If you are not clear with your topic, readers will fail to follow your argument and those who oppose your views will assume that you are taking a hard to escape ridicule. Flowering your argument doest make you intelligence. Stick to the issues with clarity and a clear conscience.

A good topic should be applicable.

Choose a topic that is applicable to your readers besides arousing emotions. As you think of that topic, reflect on what the society can do. Discussing issues, which nothing can be done on, leaves the reader with a blank mind when you conclude your argument. A good argument should stir the readers’ mind and trigger them to act.

Examples #2: Argumentative Topics

This is a good example. Petroleum touches on the lives of every human being, whether poor or wealthy. No one would dare ignore your argument from the onset. It is also debatable; it has two sides.

Gay marriages are a sensitive issue, drawing divergent opinions from all walks of life. It affects humanity and everyone is interested in knowing the outcome of recognizing these unions legally.

You are alive because you were never aborted. On the other hand, another woman is alive because she aborted. Should it be legalized? This is an excellent topic to develop. It sparks emotions, it is defensible, concrete and relevant to people.

How to choose unusual argumentative essay topics

One way of choosing the best argumentative essay topics is going for the unusual issues. While your professor expects you to prove your mastery of learned concepts with confidence, do not the usual and predictable student. Read on and find out why…

Take a calculated risk. Most people fear arguments because they do not want confrontation. Do not run away from controversy when handling argumentative essays. Inject a dose of it into your paper and see the magic it does. Your essay will stand out because you decided not to play safe. However, keep the risk calculated and respectful for greater rewards.

Find out what unusual topics other people have handled. Before you start working on your argumentative essay, do thorough research. It is possible that someone tackled the issue in a unique way. This should be a source of motivation and great ideas.

Believe in your argument. The final thing to remember when choosing the best argumentative essay topics is to have passion for your topic. Believing in an unusual topic makes your debate interesting.

Do not always think the safe route; use the above guidelines and the entire manual to become a great arguer.

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