Hazard Analysis & Risk Assessment Assignment

Hazard Analysis & Risk Assessment Assignment
You have identified four hazards (see below) at the company you work for as a safety manager.
1. A machine may spray lubricant on the machine operator or on the floor in the surrounding area.
2. Carbon Monoxide may be released during a manufacturing process and go into the general air supply.
3. The HVAC system is located in a dark and moist environment and therefore may have mold build-up.
4. A machine that cuts metal has the potential to produce flying metal shards when in operation.
You will now need to complete a brief hazard analysis and risk assessment in order to better protect the workers at your company.
1. Complete the spreadsheet on the following page.
a. For all four hazards you will need to identify the type of hazard (physical, chemical, biological), the potential routes of entry for the hazard (inhalation, injection, ingestion, dermal absorption), and complete the risk assessment (severity, frequency, possibility, likelihood).
b. Use these codes for your risk assessment (also see page 783-784 in your book).
i. Severity:
1. S1 – Slight Injury (Bruise, Abrasion)
2. S2 – Severe Injury (Amputation, Death)
ii. Frequency:
1. F1 – Infrequency Exposure
2. F2 – From Frequent to Continuous Exposure
iii. Possibility:
1. P1 – Possible
2. P2 – Less possible to not impossible
iv. Likelihood:
1. L1 – Highly Unlikely
2. L2 – Unlikely
3. L3 – Highly Unlikely
Hazard Description Type of Hazard Route of Entry Risk Assessment
Physical Chemical Biological Inhalation Ingestion Injection Dermal Absorption Severity Frequency Possibility Likelihood
Lubricant sprayed on the machine operator or floor
Release of Carbon Monoxide
Mold build up in HVAC system
Flying metal chips

2. Using what you have learned throughout this course, please choose one of the four hazards given above and explain what could be a control method for this hazard. Make sure to identify and explain if your control method is an engineering control, administrative control, or PPE as well as explaining if the hazard would be reduced or completely eliminated. (Minimum of 250 words)