Health Care Assignment Paper on Wellness in Health and Being Happy

Wellness in Health and Being Happy

Wellness is not just being free from diseases as it involves one’s physical, and social well-being. When discussing wellness, it is impossible to ignore the three elements that are crucial to a person’s wellness. Wellness helps me to relate peacefully. It enables me to be at peace with my life, and thus, I can go through everyday activities well. Socially, wellness fosters good relationships, physically, for me to achieve wellness I need to take good care of my body by having healthy eating habits, exercising, and having a positive attitude. Mentally, I am required to be in a good state of mind, which can be achieved by meditating. The three helps me in engaging with other people and, to work efficiently. An individual who experiences wellness has an easy time dealing with life and other people.

It is true to say that you cannot be happy unless you make a choice to strive for happiness on a daily basis because happiness is something we learn. It is unfortunate that some people base their happiness on material possession like money, which according to (“Wellbeing,” 2017) money can bring happiness but only to a point. However, they also state that it is not about the money in one’s bank account, but one’s personal relationships that bring happiness. One has to strive and create healthy relationships with other people for them to experience happiness. It is paramount always to show acts of kindness to others as stated by (“The How of Happiness – by Sonja Lyubomirsky | Derek Sivers,” 2017). He explains that showings kindness tends to bring happiness. One cannot be truly happy unless they make it a choice and work towards it by doing things that create happiness.






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