Health care: Coursework on Health Care Access in United States and Switzerland

Health Care Access in United States and Switzerland

In many years, America has documented various disparities that relate with access to health care. For instance, these issues incorporate inequality in ethnic and racial access in American society. In regard to the 2010 enactment, the legislation in health reforms eliminated disparity. This happened between the white citizens who were the majority and different ethnic groups that fall in the minority category.

Evidently, part of the population that belonged to the minority had no sufficient insurance coverage. This is because the majority who were the whites earned a huge salary that exceeds those of the minority group. Furthermore, legal barriers have made it hard for immigrant groups to access health care. This is because the refugees are still aspiring to be US citizens hence it makes it difficult for them to be insured (Kronefeld, 2012, p. 89-90).  Based on the American federal law, immigrants who have only stayed in the country for less than five years have no right to access Medicaid coverage.

The advance in health care access has further shattered the financial and delivery system of health care in US. This is clear when the delivery structure is attributed to fragmented network that revolves around private and public financing. In addition, the systems and ways of delivering care differ across nations. The absence of uniform standards has contributed to ineffective healthcare delivery. It affects individuals who relocate or pay visit to other countries.

The health care system in US is depicted to be expensive across the globe. This situation has made countries such as Switzerland to have the best health care structure in the world. In Switzerland, citizens purchase their own insurance coverage. This does not apply in America because to access health care, they rely on the government or employers.


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