Healthcare: Critical Thinking on Global Health and Poverty

Global Health and Poverty

Increase in poverty across the globe has made it difficult for individuals to access health care. In response to this, health care programs have been initiated to eradicate and hinder diseases. Unfortunately, individuals who live in poverty stricken conditions find it hard to access these health care programs. However, it is vital to note that poverty impair a hostile surrounding.

Social health care and occupational matters affect health care across the world. Environmental aspects that are related with poverty incorporate absence of water and clean air. It is clear in the level of pollution that have increased and contributed to congestion in their residents. People who are also affected by poverty suffer from a variety of diseases. They include dysentery, diarrhea and typhoid. Additionally, these individuals lack sufficient resources that could make them afford proper health care services.

The occupational factors incorporate wounds and injuries. For instance, children who stay in poverty stricken regions have no places to play due to congestion. As a result, they become vulnerable to injuries. Furthermore, these individuals lack enough funds that could enable them to get proper health services. These occupational factors further subject health care segment to crisis. Evidently, mental and physical abuse can render an individual to violence hence it leads to injuries (WHO, 2010).

Escalation in poverty levels can make individuals to have stress. As a result, such people become violent and abusive. The reason is because they have no access to resources that can grant them effective health care. In this regard, the World Health Organization (WHO) intends to offer government and technical support. This is vital to facilitate promotion and growth in health care sector. WHO has become relevant in society when it upgrades sanitation and economic situation. Its impact is clear when it eradicates healthcare problems and advocates for a healthy lifestyle among individuals in society.




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