Healthcare Essays on Project Management Certification in Healthcare

Project Management Institute (PMI) certification can help health informatics with essential networking opportunities, research advocacy skills, and vital project management tools that can be used to improve healthcare outcomes. Ramazani & Jergeas (2015) note that PMI certification began in the 1980s and provides numerous benefits such as access to digital editions of global standards and discounts on license renewals and certification exams. This study aims to highlight the benefits of PMI certification of health informatics and its impact on healthcare delivery.

Clinical and administrative practitioners that have no formal training in project management may only possess the passing knowledge of the science of improvement, but to move from the implementation of ideas to achieving credible results, they need formal training in project management. Consequently, to improve the quality of healthcare outcomes and deliver organizational projects on time, PMI certification equips them with strategies and tools that help them effectively manage critical projects in healthcare settings. By taking lessons of PMI, the health informatics improve their ability to provide strategic and focused leadership significantly in their ongoing and future projects, thereby positively contributing to improved healthcare delivery and outcomes (Shirley, 2016).

The Project Management Institute offers a course that utilizes case studies and experiments that incorporate essential project management topics, provide guidelines on establishing and managing groups, conflict resolution measures, and managing workforce diversity to generate optimal results (Ramazani & Jergeas, 2015). In the healthcare sector, PMI certification provides people management skills that improve services delivery and ways of creating a productive project management environment. Additionally, PMI certification was established to incite important discussion that builds foundational skills as well as develop practical strategies for application and implementation of the skills and lessons learned.



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