Healthcare Paper on Community Health Nurse

Community Health Nurse

Community health nurse’s role is to work together with the community members to change and improve their healthcare experience and outcome. However, when playing the role of a researcher and educator, the nurse’s role is to teach and prepare the registered nurses to perform their role as expected during practice.  It is possible for their role as educators and researchers to overlap by them acting as consultants to various individuals. They can be consulted by other groups within the healthcare sector regarding matters to do with self-care, prevention of illness and promotion strategies in health (Intranet, n.d). At the same time, they can act as mentors to the future nurses meaning that they strengthen them to perform their roles as expected. It means that the nurses also play the role of leadership which is necessary in implementation of evidence-based practice.

The role of an educator and a consultant appears to be the same but they also differ in some key issues. Nurse educators are teachers who share their clinical expertise with the main intention of empowering the future nurses. They interact with the student nurses to guide them through practice as a way to educate them on the roles they are supposed to play during practice. On the other hand, a consultant is also an educator because they provide an expanded guideline on various healthcare practices (Giles et al, 2014). Just like an educator, the nurse consultant also guides healthcare practitioners in making complex decisions. The role of both an educator and a consultant is to implement change while at the same time enhance innovation through providing detailed information on the best way to carry out nursing practice. The key difference between an educator and a consultant is that consultant offers support while an educator is to teach in practice setting and classroom.

Nurses acts as advocates when they help the patients to understand the kind of diagnosis they are given and guide them through the best decisions regarding their health. On the other hand, a nurse can act as case managers when they coordinate with the nurses on the type of care that is supposed to be given to a patient especially in the long-term basis. Lastly, the role of nurse as a counselor is when they educate the community members on issues such as substance abuse and suicide. They use their knowledge in nursing to guide and teach people on important issues that are most likely to affect them as a community.




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