Healthcare Paper on Computer Technology in Okaloosa

Computer Technology in Okaloosa


Okaloosa County is situated within the state of Florida extending from the Gulf of Mexico to Alabama state boundary. Based on census data, the population is estimated to be approximately 198,664. This county has well elaborate healthcare facilities and hospitals that offer broad arrays of services. These services include clinical and nutrition services, wellness programs, community health planning and statistics, environmental health, public health preparedness and infectious disease services. Examples of healthcare facilities offering above services include Hope Medical Clinic Destin, Crestview Health Center, and Baker Family Medical Center among others.  Computer technology has been considered an impetus force in improving healthcare services and promoting efficiency in the entire system. The paper discusses how technology has been used in Okaloosa County to improve healthcare service provision and status of the residents.

Computer Technology Use

Computer technology has been an important element and for a long time, it has been integrated in nursing practice. This is anchored on the ability of technology to ensure better and more accessible treatment. In fact, studies reveal that there is increased accessibility of treatments and therefore asserting that technology greatly transforms and initiates tangible changes in healthcare (Florida Health, 2018). For instance, healthcare computer technology opens more opportunities for continued healthcare research and exploration of more constructive initiatives.

Further, computer technology has potentially improved care and efficiency by making the process safer and more reliable. Important real time data are captured and recorded by medical practitioners and can effectively be shared through computers for sound and quick decision making. Computer technology has also been used in medical laboratories to accumulate and analyze records then centrally placed for current and future diagnosis. For that matter, technology has comprehensively transformed the level of care and efficiency that is useful for the entire healthcare system. In medical practice, data is critical for decision making, computer technology has been used to increase the level of efficiency in collection and rendering of vast online resources for scientists and medical practitioners. This is important as it aids research making researchers to find new ways of diagnosis and treatment while promoting medical breakthroughs.

Significantly, computer software technologies have been used in controlling diseases. For instance, it is worth mentioning that WHO periodically develops software programs used to classify illnesses, systems and causes in large databases accessible by many health centers in the county. Medical professionals affirm that this kind of resource is important as it allows medical workers and researchers track, access and utilize valuable data to control diseases and ensure better healthcare service provision and outcomes (Gagnon et al, 2012). Medical billing has been simplified through use of computers and associated software because technology streamlines procedures and methods thereby reducing duplication of data, reduces paperwork while still allowing improvement of quality and efficiency.

Finally, computer technology has considerably been used to aid and guide invasive surgical procedures. Researchers predicted that surgery was an area that computer technologies were expected to take over. Today, computer technologies are critical as they are used in certain surgical procedures through Computer-Assisted Surgical (CAS) Systems.


Healthcare facilities in Okaloosa, Florida have considerably met expectations in terms of outcomes. The residents adequately access medical services and in the process have improved survival rate and lengthened lives. Success of these medical facilities is attributed to use of computer technologies to streamline processes, procedures, policies and activities aimed at improving quality and efficiency.  In light of this, there are many positive changes witnessed in healthcare system courtesy of computer technology. This trend is still expected to continue in the foreseeable future.



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