Healthcare Paper on Ways To ‘Green’ Our Homes

Ways To ‘Green’ Our Homes

Part 1

Many people across the world are recently engaged in creating an eco-friendly environment. It largely contributes to the creation of a sustainable environment, as well as, saves many people’s money. Here are five ways to green our homes. One way is to get a free energy evaluation that helps in conserving energy in our homes, as well as, it identifies or highlights the specific costs associated with energy losses. You can implement it by the use of the recommended systems in various housing operations. Also, switch out your lightbulbs when they are not in use. This will largely help to save your energy and money. In addition, always heat and cool wisely. You can regularly change air filters or use programmable thermostats to substantially regulate the energy bills associated with various housing operations. You can also recycle various products by reducing air pollution, keeping the landfills from overflowing, and using the conserved energy to create quality products. As such, it reduces the cost to purchase new products. Finally, you can use water efficiently by repairing all faucet and toilet leaks, using low-flow showerheads, and watering your lawn at the coolest part of a day. It also helps to reduce the energy bills that result from the use of pumps.

Part 2

Construction waste management is one of the green building techniques that contractors have integrated into housing operations (Chan, Darko, & Ameyaw, 2017). Building contractors have advocated for the use of trash bins around or in various healthcare facilities, as well as homes. Some wastes can be recycled and used for the same or different purpose. This green building technique is achievable to the general public as the installation of trash bins in or around the hospitals or homes is inexpensive. The technique can be made more accessible to the general public, as the authorities should establish policies that oblige building contractors to always put trash bins in place when constructing hospitals, or homes.



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