HealthCare: Sample Essay on Creatine Dietary Supplement

Creatine Dietary Supplement

Creatine additions are ranked to be top effective categories of supplements. They serve well individuals who take part in high intensity operations. Evidently, approximately 80 percent of athletes who use supplements that have Creatine are perceived to be excellent. This is in contrast to their counterparts who do not use Creatine. This supplement is available in liquids and flavored powders.

Furthermore, it is also added to water, juices and beverages that produce energy.   Individuals in sports who abide by its guidelines have the capability to increase their energy in a rapid manner. Increase in energy enables people in athletics to train well and emerge winners. Study indicates that Creatine has plenty of benefits that are clear when they motivate athletes to engage in explosive practices. For instance, the exercises range from sports and weight training that requires plenty of energy.

Athletes who participate in such activities end up losing plenty of weight and energy. As a result, they require Creatine supplements to replace the amount of energy that they lost. At the market, the retail costs of Creatine tend to be different. For instance, a person can access 120 Creatine tablets at an expense of 14.99 dollars. Conversely, other stores sell 240 tablets at a cost of 79.99 dollars. In my opinion, this price is worth based on the effectiveness of this type of supplement (Willoughby and Rosene, 7).

Naturally, Creatine is in meat which implies that those who consume plenty of this meal only require less of its supplements. In this regard, individuals who consume vegetables are advised to embrace this diet. In my perspective, I prefer Creatine supplement because it can be used as a phosphate donor. I advise people to mix it with protein meals to facilitate its effectiveness.

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