Healthcare: Sample Essay on Healthcare Spending

Healthcare Spending

The issue of increase in health care expenses has become rampant. The effect is evident among medical practitioners, beneficiaries, employers and legislators in the government. There are factors that facilitate increase in health care expenses. It is vital to recognize such aspects to be in a position to offer an effective solution.

Kevin (2012) cites that increase in health care cost affected both public and private sectors since 1990. The increase in demand of individuals who seek health care services and modern technologies are factors that affect health care. People in the medical field advances technology by embracing improved medical systems that saves lives. Clearly, modern technology incorporates innovation which subjects patients to pay a lot of money for the services.

As much as new technologies have contributed to health care spending, it has saved an elderly population from instant death.  This is evident among the old people who suffer from life style diseases. They survive because the new machines increase their life span. In this regard, health physicians need to intervene to handle the growth of demand in health care. To facilitate effectiveness in health care system, technology should focus on upgrading health care of individuals. However, it should not subject patients to incur high costs when they are served at health centers.

This calls for individuals in health care sector to embrace modern technology that promotes efficiency in their operation. This should be effective in a way that it makes health care services to be affordable to all patients. To curb high costs in health care, it is essential to enhance coordination as a major solution. This issue can also be solved by incorporating effective decisions and application of beneficiary choices. All stake holders have to be part of decision making to eliminate irrelevant practices and upgrade health care services.



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