Healthcare: Sample Essay on Use of Qualitative Analysis to Improve Performance in a Healthcare Setting

Use of Qualitative Analysis to Improve Performance in a Healthcare Setting

Holloway and Wheeler (2013), describes qualitative study as a statistical procedure that measures the meanings that are involved in non-numerical details. Qualitative analysis is simply a review that reveals how individuals think behind the character that they display. These authors further indicate that the non- numerical information that applies in this form of examination might incorporate the image of the brand.

In addition, this data also involves other aspects that are chemical specifies and reputation of the company. Clearly, reactions and feelings of clients are part of the procedure. For instance, qualitative analysis is when an individual take note of a chemical feedback and the manner in which it releases bubble gas. According to Coon (2008), the basic objective of a qualitative study is to offer an absolute and detailed description of the occurrence under the analysis.

This implies that the study procedure will not render frequencies to characteristics that are indicated in the study phenomenon. In this regard, rare occurrences incorporate frequencies which tend to attract attention. Qualitative analysis is a concept that has enabled scholars to indicate refined merits. This is because this kind of an analysis does not shoe horn information. It further paves way for integral doubts that apply in human language. This is to ensure that individuals identify them during the analysis procedure.

Qualitative analysis is a procedure that can be useful in advancing operation in health care environment. Its benefits are clear when it initiates a positive form of leadership in medical settings. Evidently, poor performance in health care is linked to bad leadership approaches. In essence, qualitative analysis can upgrade performance in healthcare when it serves patients without delay.



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