HIST-2020 Analytical Essay

HIST-2020 Analytical Essay

Spring 2019

Write an argumentative, 4-6 page (1200 to 2000 word) essay addressing the question below.  Form a central argument around which to structure your work.  Do not simply list examples.  Use extensive evidence from the work itself, being sure to cite page numbers if you quote or paraphrase.

Of the many dislikes listed by James Simon Kunen, there were three, he stated, about which he was trying to do something: racism, poverty, and war.  As a nineteen-year-old student at Columbia University in 1968, he participated in student protests in the hopes of ultimately eradicating these problems from society.  Though protesters like Kunen had many political enemies, three of the most formidable were police, college administrators, and anti-revolutionary Americans content with the status quo (both “jocks” on campus and citizens in the community).  Based on your reading of The Strawberry Statement, which of these three groups wielded the most power and represented the greatest barrier to social change at Columbia University in 1968, and why?  Be sure to discuss all three groups, and why and how revolutionaries believed they impeded the elimination of racism, poverty, and/or war.  Use extensive textual evidence to support your answer.

The essay should be typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font, 1-inch margins.  Your essay will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • How clearly and convincingly it answers the question, complete with a clear thesis established in the introductory paragraph
  • How effectively it includes relevant and specific examples from the text to illustrate your ideas
  • How clearly it is written and carefully proofread

The quality of your writing affects the strength of your argument, as well as whether I can read it and make sense of it.  Feel free to use the Writing Center in the library as a resource to proofread your paper.  Please come to me with specific questions and concerns about the assignment.  Below are some technical & stylistic matters to keep in mind in writing & turning in your paper.

  • Includ page numbers and staple your essay. It must be turned in IN HARD COPY and on D2L by the beginning of class to be considered on time.
  • Use the active voice and avoid passive voice whenever possible (Tell me who did something instead of saying “it was done” or “there was,” or “it happened,” etc.)
  • Avoid first person—“I/me/mine/we/us/ours”—and second person—“you/your/yours.”
  • Do not use contractions (can’t).
  • Write in the past tense.
  • Don’t feel constrained by the generic five-paragraph model. Break your paragraphs when your major point of argumentation changes.  It is rare that a paragraph should be longer than a page.
  • Write with strong topic sentences to introduce the main point of each paragraph to improve your overall essay structure and improve its readability.
  • Do not write in fragments. Sentences must contain a subject and verb.
  • In using parenthetical page references after a quotation, the punctuation mark follows the parenthesis—it does not fall within the quotation itself. E.g. “Here is a quote” (Kunen 56).
  • When quoting or paraphrasing from a direct source, include a page number.
  • Make sure to quote the exact wording of the text in a quote –avoid typos.
  • Don’t present a quotation by itself without connecting it to your argument. A quote should either stand alone as a sentence (or sentences), or it should fit neatly into your sentence structure. Don’t begin or end a paragraph with a quotation.
  • Don’t use others’ work and pass it off as your own. Do not use direct passages from the text without using quotes.  Consult with me if you have questions about plagiarism.
  • Incorporate a title that is suggestive and indicative of your main point in the essay
  • Proofread for clarity! If you don’t know what you meant, I certainly don’t.