History: Coursework on Why African Slavery took root in the North American Colonies

Why African Slavery took root in the North American Colonies

Slavery is an activity that began in North America from 1400s when Europeans first settled in Africa. At first, the relationship between the Europeans and the locals was beneficial. This was evident when it expanded markets and created new trade routes. The residents also embraced guidelines that enabled them to carry out trade activities.

Europeans also transformed the lives of Africans by imparting them with modern technology.  In return, they benefited from rich resources in Africa that incorporated agricultural products and minerals. However, this relationship incurred downfall when Europeans wanted Africans to serve as their slaves. In this regard, Africans were taken to Europe to acquire English skills. This would later foster trade relationships with their partners. This slavery activity took place at the Caribbean Islands. It was where the French and British individuals sold them to people who owned plantations.

The profits which they earned after selling the slaves were used to purchase products such as coffee and sugar. Besides transporting slaves, the French and Britain people also produced goods from Europe and supplied them to African coasts.  Evidently, these slaves became exposed to cruel conditions that made a number of them to succumb to death. This happened because of bad treatment. Later in 1600s, Caribbean Island encountered fall in their economy.  A large number of these slaves were sold to owners of plantations in North America.

However, in 1800s slave trade became abolished and this ended brutal treatment. As a result, black Africans were forced to relocate to Western Hemisphere. During this American Revolution, Britain won the battle. The reason is that they had an active army that was highly trained with the best weapons worldwide.


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