History Essay Paper on Cold War

History Essay Paper on Cold War

The military supremacy is responsible for encouraging cold war. This happens between Western states that were headed by the Americans to fight against the Soviet Union. These two unions had diverse political beliefs. In US, politics advocated for liberty and democracy for citizens. However the Soviet Union was associated and known to have links that were of pro-communists nature.

To depict supremacy, both the USSR (Soviet Union) and Americans promoted military powers. Their objective was to deal with nuclear attacks. This is because they were perceived to be the super powers across the globe. It is clear that cold war affected different states across the globe when both parties wanted to promote their interests. Cold war began after the end of World War II. This was the time when the Soviet Union and the US collaborated in a fight. As a result, it made them to triumph against the Nazi Germany.

During this period, the communists in Soviet Union arranged means to join and control nations in eastern bloc. The Soviet Union wanted to accomplish this project by sponsoring revolutions through funds. In this project, they also wanted to motivate their rivals and decolonize African states. As a result, this enhanced capitalism when it was depicted as a threat in America. In response to this influence, US head of state Harry Truman decided to implement a plan. This was to hinder communism from spreading.

The start of the cold war facilitated the cooperation of two super powers when they boosted their military to participate in nuclear battle. The cold war began when the Soviet Union decided to increase their influence in various nations. The party that should be blamed for the rise of cold war is the Soviet Union. This is evident when the USSR worsened the condition by grabbing the Eastern bloc territory. This implies that the response from US was to ensure that it made the communism aspect popular.


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