History Essay Sample on The American Civil War Inevitability

The American Civil War Inevitability

Civil war began in 1861 in America due to tension from northern and southern states. Issues that contributed to this anxiety incorporate rights of state and federal authority. The key challenge that facilitated war was slavery. The battle became worse when Abraham Lincoln was voted as the president to advocate for pro anti slavery.

There was a formation of confederate states of America after Lincoln was elected.  As a result, four other states became part of the confederate. This extended the battle for duration of four years. However, the battle could only come to an end in 1865 after the confederates gave up. Americans perceive this war to incur plenty of expenses and destructions. For instance, when the battle ended, approximately 600,000 soldiers were injured and others murdered.

The outcome of this war led to conflicts in majority of states across the globe. It is evident in the current community is unstable and developing states still encounter civil war. The causes of this battle were contributed by industry difference. Other factors were trade and issues of slavery to work on cotton plantations. This made citizens from the northern and southern states to differ in their ideologies hence facilitated the conflict.

The economic gap also led to the tension between the two states. Analyzing the situation, it is clear that if the government balanced the economic status, the war would have been inevitable. Another reason that led to the fight is that the Southerners wanted to be in control of their operations to enhance their future. Failure to this, it automatically paved way for war. The federal government could avoid this situation by formulating moderate strategies. It is vital to note that the northern states did not encourage slavery. As a result, they conflicted with southern states because they wanted cheap labor to boost their economy.



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