History Essays on Interpreting the Constitution

History Essays on Interpreting the Constitution

Essay Outline
I. The compromising of the Missouri lead to civil war of 1861

  1. The legislation that prohibited slavery newly acquired Louisiana Territory which admitted Missouri as a slave Nation
  2. The maintains of the Maine as a free state was the aim of the legislation to support the slavery which was necessary for the balancing of the slave trade. This occurs in the year 1820


  1. The law of banning slavery leads to disunity that cultivated to civil war
  2. in 1846 all the territories acquired from Mexico decided to ban slavery
  3. Wilmot Proviso argument of banning slavery though, did not become law but causes a bitter debate over thirty years and thus causing disunity among the parties. The disunity caused lead to civil war.


III. The compromising of 1850 that lead to the admission of the California state as the Free State cultivated to the civil war of 1861.

  1. Stephen Douglas assisted in the achievement of freeing California but fails to abolish slavery.B. the failure of Stephen Douglas to abolish slavery within California state despite all the achievement he made worsen the situation of the slavery and lead to disunity from another state thus resulting in the civil war of 1861. The violence of Kansas resulting from the Missouri compromise destruction was as a result of Douglas offering Kansas-Nebraska Act which gives the sovereign states to decide about slavery on their own.


  1. The denial of the slave or free lead to the disunity that leads to civil war
  2. in 1857 Dred Scott ruling aided civil war.
  3. the decision of the Supreme Court to deny African Americans citizenship rights overturned all popular sovereignty and any other elements of the Missouri Compromise. This lead to the civil war broke out
  4. The incitement of the slave rebellion by John Brown aided the abolishing of slavery which causes the disunity between the states.
  5. John Brown tried to stop slavery by inciting slaves to fight for the freedom
  6. the idea of the John to assist slaves to gain their freedom and attacking of the Harpers Ferry to acquire armaments looks crazy but it aided in the abolish of the slavery which leads to the disunity and the eventually civil war outbreak.
  7. Abraham Lincoln opposition to slavery led to civil war.
  8. In the year 1860, Abraham Lincoln opposes slavery
  9. The idea of Abraham Lincoln opposing slavery and stopping where it was aggravated the outbreak of the civil war.