History Paper on James Baldwin on America’s ‘Racial Problem’

The video by James Baldwin was published with the purpose of showing the manipulation of power within the society. There is a mentality that the African-Americans are inferior due to their history as slaves thus they remain oppressed and without the willpower to fight back (James Baldwin). The idea affects the behavior of the Whites since they consider the African Americans as slaves not realizing that they maybe in similar situations of being ruled and lorded over. Through history and imperial governance, a major difference has emanated from between the African-Americans and the Whites based on wrong ideologies. However, with time, African-Americans became liberated and realized they have the same abilities as the Whites and thus should receive equal treatment.

James breaks the idea of racism between the Whites and African-American by stating that both are affected by the same problems and should unite and stand against inequalities. Gaining freedom is not for the primitive people only but should be embraced by everyone towards creating a society which is stable and economically advanced (James Baldwin). The burden of bridging the racial gap in America is on every individual who will to create a united force against inequality despite their skin color. The social problems such as high crime, would decrease if people stopped fighting among themselves and recognized their similarities and equal abilities. For a college student, it is crucial to change wrong perceptions about race and form plain ideas which promote equal existence of all people in the country. The governing rule is to be built on strategies which resolve racial issues by altering the ideologies in the society. In conclusion, the actual issue in society is not racism but rather the ideas held people that ought to change.



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