History Research Paper on Reconstruction era and the progressive era

Reconstruction era and the progressive era

Today, America has progressed due to its numerous historical activities. The events that led to this improvement were progressive and reconstruction era. The period in which US became shaped existed from 1865 to 1877. This was the same time that civil war took place in America. Furthermore, the country reunited after the battle divided it into Northern and Southern states.

However, the two sides had differing perspectives that contributed to conflicts. These views revolved around the former confederacy, and the federal leadership in the southern states. In response to this issue, Abraham Lincoln wanted to put an end to slavery via a new constitution as a way of reuniting the two states. In 1865, the proposal became ready and it was passed into law to end slavery (Stroud, 2006). Unfortunately, Lincoln passed on before accomplishing his objectives.

In 20th century, US faced various changes that had an impact on industries, social and economic sectors.  This duration was popularly referred to as the progressive era. From the start, it was a social movement but later developed into a political group. The key concern of progressive incorporated safeguarding of environment and its resources. Furthermore in this era, there was improvement of factories to upgrade the working conditions of employees. This was the same period when the government decided to embrace transparency and abandon corruption activities.

During the progressive period, the lives of citizens who stayed in slums were upgraded. Individuals also campaigned for equality and democracy in society. The progressive and reconstruction era are vital in American history. This is because; they shaped the economy and improved the living conditions of citizens. The economic, political and social prosperity that is evident in the present US is due to these two vital eras.



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