History Research Paper on The American Revolution and Its Impact on Western Civilization

The American Revolution and Its Impact on Western Civilization

In 18th century, the American Revolution took place to unite thirteen colonies from the North. Their objective of coming together was to break the bonds of British Empire which gave rise to United States of America. In 1774, every city state became ruled by an equal government institution. However, the British Empire was not impressed by the idea and ended up sending its military to inflict direct rule. This paper depicts an argument on ways revolution contributes to positive outcome in Western civilizations.

The American Revolution became beneficial in society when it facilitated equality in movements and human rights. Furthermore, the revolution had a great outcome in Europe that is also part of western civilization. The key occurrences during revolution incorporated declaration and signing of independence. There was also formation of enlightening ideas and constitution in United States (Bailyn, 1996). The purpose of declaring independence was to defeat the old administration systems. Additionally, European countries benefited from this revolution when colonies were allowed to have their own government rights.

Evidently, revolution became relevant when it gave rise to equality to enhance democracy. This was a vital step because it contributed to civilization in the contemporary western society. As equality was instilled in the western colonies, the world believed that citizens had potential to accomplish significant tasks when granted opportunity. Furthermore, the American Revolution also paved way for loyalty and patriotism among individuals. For instance, citizens felt that they had the freedom to participate in battles to protect their nation.

In this aspect, Western civilizations call for all diplomatic offices and vehicles to bear their states’ flag. This is a way of portraying patriotism which began since the days of American Revolutions. The American Revolution has been of significant in society when it put colonial rule to an end and improved the life style of citizens.



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