History: Sample Essay on How Was Louis XIV Able To Create An Absolute State In France?

How Was Louis XIV Able To Create An Absolute State In France?

Absolutism is a phrase that depicts a person’s full exercise of power in a society. This individual has complete authority to guide his subjects. An example of a person who practiced this kind of leadership is Louis XIV. Historically, he served as the greatest leader who believed and put into practice absolutism.

This implies that Louis XIV embraced political theory after he took over his father’s throne. His time of ruling took a long duration and it began in 1661. He gave a speech and revealed that he represented the nation. This meant that Louis XIV was recognized across Europe and that he had all the authority to be in control of his nation. Furthermore, Louis wanted his reign to be the most authoritative in contrast to the time when his father ruled. In this regard, he embraced diverse strategies to enhance a complete state in France.

In his leading approach, Louis XIV believed that to abide by the regulations as a king, he was supposed to practice monopoly. This could further assist him to have authority and take over his nation’s force. This idea worked when it made him part of decisions that were exclusive to his reign. It also assisted him to formulate a huge military that he used against his opponents. As a result, this lead to expansion of his territory and made him in charge of finance in French kingdom.

Louis XIV initiated a complete nation in France when he worked with individuals who fully relied on him. For instance, such followers depended on him to gain political positions and also seek for finance. Cleary, the king collaborated with loyal individuals to initiate an absolute state.


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