History: Sample Essay on iPS cells

iPS cells

These cells refer to stems that are induced with Pluripotent. It is a ripe cell that is extracted from skin cells or blood. iPS cells have further been altered into stem cells that are similar to the embryo. The function of these cells is to facilitate development of boundless human cell sources. It happens in any form that is needed for healing purposes.

In addition, cells may be stimulated to create beta islet. This is further useful in diagnosing patients who suffer from diabetics. It also enables blood cells to formulate blood that is fresh and which has no cells that are related with cancer. iPS cells can also be beneficial by treating nerve disorders or patients who happen to suffer from leukemia. In this regard, iPS cells share various characteristics with stem cells of human beings.

Furthermore, these cells gained instant attention across the globe for its similarity to stem cells that are embryonic (Stein, 2011). This facilitated their successful formation in 2006. Evidently, iPS cells may give a solution to a discussion about how embryos get damaged in the embryonic stem cell. Research also indicates that modern technics and the success of ethical challenges would hinder various ethical advantages. This is especially when iPS cells still enhance growth of stem cells.

The embryonic stem cell evaluation is full of moral attributes. This happens when it incorporates human dignity ideas and justice to offer services to people. It happens when handling a person’s life in the embryo while it is still in its initial stages. As a result, the problem has been termed to be controversial across the globe. This has subjected research bodies to stop studies that concern embryos and stem cells. Study reveals that iPS cells seem to appear as embryo stem cells but the two have different backgrounds.



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