History: Sample Essay on The Red Azalea

The Red Azalea

Part 3

This part of the narration reveals the manner in which Mao was attempting to construct a community that is corporative. It further reveals the success in relation to the events that were taking place. At first, it happened when she attended school and got the opportunity to enroll for art and design. During her training, she learned ways to design posters that were related to propaganda.

This made her succeed especially when she embraced Leninist and Marxists elements. It was to ensure that communism enabled individuals to make the community a better place. This was inclusive of both peasant workers and the elite in the community. In this section, Mao had vowed to make the best out of her society.  Marxist and Leninist had a perception that communism was an element that could enable individuals to enhance prosperity. She succeeded in enabling individuals to achieve higher education level.

It was in relation to those who came from the communist families. Mao wished for a society whereby each individual had equal opportunities. In this case, nobody was to be considered a peasant. Part three of this article ends when Mao come back home. This is after a long duration of work as a peasant. She further grew and had a chance to influence the society. She brought changes that made people to be perceived of value in society. Clearly, this event also depicts how Catholics and Marianists embraced human dignity.

Furthermore, these two views advocated for improvement of human beings. It required the community to identify and handle people in an equal way. In relation to these elements, human beings are thought to be the same on their financial capabilities and class. Based on this view, human beings are not supposed to be abused in any manner.


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