Histrionic Personality Disorder Essay

Histrionic Personality Disorder

Histrionic personality disorder is a mental health condition that falls under the category of Cluster B personality disorders. Those who have this kind of disorder often experience intense and unstable emotions with self-images that are distorted. Those who have this condition often look up to others in order to generate their self esteem. They usually do not have a true-feeling of worth unless it is approved by other people. Besides, they are always very dramatic and behave in ways that can enable them to get noticed.

Histrionic personality disorder is more common in women than men. The signs and symptoms of the condition can b seen as early as in adolescence or early adulthood. However, it is not advisable to diagnose adolescents since they are still undergoing development and maturity.

Symptoms and signs

In most cases, people with histrionic personality disorder tend to posses very good social skills. However, they often try to use these skills towards the manipulation of other people so that they can remain the center of attraction. Below are the signs of histrionic personality disorder:

  • Discomfort if h or she is not the center of attraction
  • Dress in a manner that is provocative , inappropriate or seductive
  • Alter emotions quite rapidly.
  • Be too concerned with physical appearance
  • Act with exaggerated emotions and expressions that appear to be insincere.Proofreading-Editing
  • Highly sensitive to criticism and disapproval.
  • Have a low tolerance to frustration and is often bored so easily by routines. Can be seen moving from one event to another without completing the sessions.
  • Having problems in maintaining relationships often appears to be shallow in relating to others.
  • Can indulge in very risky actions like attempting or threatening to commit suicide jut to get attention.
  • Gullible and can be easily influenced by other people.

People who are suffering from Histrionic personality disorder are often discontent with themselves and seek approval from others. They are never satisfied unless they get reassurance from others.


The actual cause of Histrionic personality disorder is not known, however, several mental health professionals are of the view that inherited factors play a role in the development of the condition. For instance, children whose parents had the condition are likely to also develop it. There are also certain environmental factors that can lead to the disorder like lack of criticism as a child among others. Individual temperament can also be blamed for the development of this condition.

Diagnosis and Treatment

In diagnosing a potential patient, the psychiatrist will evaluate the medical history of the patient. This is compared to the symptoms in order to determine if a person is suffering from the condition. In case it occurs that the patient is suffering from histrionic personality disorder, the psychiatrist will recommend psychotherapies for a considerable amount of time so as to help in toning down the consequences. The psychotherapy offered to a patient requires that he or she first recognizes the problem and then prepare to manage it.

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