Homework Assignment on Career Action Plan

Articulate your 5 year goal, including what goals you need to achieve next year (year 1) to get on that path. Develop your 5-year career action plan.

– Articulate 2 important learning experiences, 2 necessary work experiences, and 2 professional experiences needed to achieve your 5-year goal.For each, write a paragraph discussing how you will get those experiences. Bullet point specific action steps and deadlines to make these a reality.

– Explain how you will enhance your network and contacts in order to meet your 5-year goal. Bullet point specific action steps and deadlines to get make these a reality.

– Work/life balance: describe how you will achieve balance (family, friends, exercise/health, hobbies, involvement, interests, service or volunteer activities)

-Discuss how the 5-year plan fits with your previous industry research and your own preferences. That is, do you prefer a career with job progression within one industry (developing deep field knowledge though perhaps having a variety of jobs), or do you hope to focus on a specific type of work/job even if it means changing industries/fields to find new jobs or promotions (developing deep discipline knowledge, but knowing less about the business context when changing industries)?

-Craft an executive summary. Put that at the top of the plan