Hospitality Management: Sample Essay on Hospitality Resources of Rome

Hospitality Resources of Rome

Rome happens to fall in the category of interesting cities in the globe. It incorporates various hospitality aspects that attract international tourists. This is an exceptional chance that facilitates interaction with the availability of resources. An example of key hospitality constituents in Rome incorporates huge and strategically placed public properties. A section of these properties are privately owned by individuals who manage hotels.

For instance, the Ischia Campania, is a castle that incorporates resources and it cleaved on the cliff top. It provides resources such as limoncello; which is lemon liquor that is extracted from consumable products and is delicious. In addition, the hospitality department also offers Roman thermal births. Rome also has destination elements that grant opportunities to tourist to visit different sites. A section of these venues happen to be distant from the old Rome city.

Clearly, the site cities incorporate the Pantheon which is a famous royal empire. It is popularity known for having a mark that was left on Campus Marius. Initially, this pantheon became constructed in 27 BC by Augustus. However, around 80 AD, this structure became destroyed but it was later reconstructed by Hadrian in 127 AD. Despite all the hurdles that were imposed on this building, it still maintains its original system. Furthermore, it serves as the best and well-kept construction in the world that represents the ancient era.

In essence, Rome is the top tourist city across the globe. Due to competition, plenty of tourist destinations have increased. In this respect, the hospitality management needs to take charge of their tourist destination. This is by ensuring that they promote its market and safeguard its image. Clearly, there is need for tourist agents to assess the nature of resources in the hospitality sector. This is essential because it will guide tourist to target their destinations.



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