How America has been able to handle current social changes since 1990

Since the early 1990s we have witnessed a number of events, the Clinton years, the expansion of globalization, increasing levels of technology,
multiculturalism, the culture wars, numerous sex scandals, September 11, 2001, Mexican Immigration, the racial fallout over Hurricane Katrina, unprecedented redistribution of wealth, the election of the nations first Black president among others. Has our nation been able to handle such events with a degree of maturity?
I need a clear thesis or a central argument. A well developed and well structured paper with a clear topic sentence and clear transitions to the following paragraphs, ending with a clear conclusion.
I do not have a link to the book but it is called “give me liberty” fourth edition, volume 2. If you feel like evidence would be good in some spots you can add them, if not it is fine. If you have any questions on something I didn’t cover please feel free to message me