How Ethics and the Internet Affects Productivity in Organizations

In today’s increasingly controversial and highly competitive workplace, the internet has led to the disclosure of organizations’ confidential management information. The ethics and internet have affected organizations’ productivity in several ways, whereas facing challenges such as lack of privacy, insecurity, and increased computer crimes. The ethical issues posed expose many organizations to cyber criminals daily due to the digital network. Due to this businesses and organizations risks disclosure of confidential business information being tampered with through the internet.

Despite the internet becoming an easy way to share information faster and save on cost. Confidential workplace information disclosed through the internet is not safe. However, the internet has evolved into a more social and communicative tool (Kamar,2018).Organizations send confidential data through emails, and sometimes the organizations are open to attacks due to lack of firewalls. Hence, hackers find it very easy to hack into any computer or system as long as it is connected to the internet. Moreover, they can easily use an IP (internet protocol) address to access a user’s computer and collect data for selfish reasons. Aplin, Bently,Johnson,& Malynicz(2012) narrates that  confidential business information should always remain the top secret at all times on which encryption should be of top priority. However, secretive information does not include information that a company voluntarily gives to potential customers, posts on its website, or otherwise freely provides to others outside of the company.

Finally to safeguard confidential information from disclosure, all organizations should ensure that all electronic, confidential information are protected via firewalls to safeguard unauthorized access. Moreover, businesses and organizations at all times should ensure that sensitive and confidential information all well encrypted and passwords should be disposed of properly.



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