How Often and When to Change the Vision and Mission Statement

In every organization, the vision/mission statements is to realize the success of the organization. However, there are some times that they need to be changed. This paper will discuss how often and what are some of the reasons that the mission and vision statements should be changed.

The overall purpose of a business or an organization is described by a mission statement. As time goes on, your environment, clients and purpose may shift. Therefore the mission/vision statement should also shift. The mission and vision statement in an organization is never rigid. It will definitely change as the organization grows. The board, employees and stakeholders from your business should be consulted in every one to three years to review the mission and vision statement. However, this does not mean it has to be changed often, but a change should be put into consideration. From a different perspective the vision and mission statements might have been wrongly written. One may find that a bad mission/vision statement does not communicate the agenda of your organization.

There are some perspectives one has to consider as to when to change the vision/mission statement. One ideal time is when there is a change in programming. When your organization has completely changed or added one or more program, then it’s the ideal time to make a change in the mission and vision statement. The other time is when there is a change in resources. For example, a loss or gain of funding might have a huge impact on the client you work with. When this occurs, then it’s the best time to reevaluate your mission and vision statement and come up with a way in which the available resources may be utilized moving forward.