How to Write a Thesis Sentence for Your Essay

How to write a thesis sentence for your essay

A thesis sentence is a statement that summarizes your essay argument. Every essay MUST have a thesis sentence, which acts as a compass pointer or backbone of your paper. A paper without a thesis makes no sense, as it lacks a central argument. When drafting your thesis sentence, ensure that it is clear and well written to give direction to you as the writer and the person reading your work. Read this handout to find out more insights on how to write a thesis sentence.

Your thesis sentence should appear toward the end of the introductory paragraph. It can be a single sentence or a few sentences depending on the length of your paper. Do not hide your thesis sentence.

Step by step way of how to write a thesis sentence

To get to any destination whether by road or air, you need a roadmap, showing the direction and route. Similarly, writing any academic paper demands that you have a clear roadmap in place before the actual writing.  A thesis sentence shows what you intend to defend in the rest of your essay.

Even when you do not have a specific question to answer, your thesis sentence should address the subject matter of your focus. In such a case, your task would be to figure out the question to address and take a stance. Below are attributes of a good thesis sentence:

Qualities of a good thesis sentence

MUST be contestable – A thesis statement is not a general statement or a fact. It is always a statement, which spurs different opinions. Come up with a debatable thesis that presents two or even three sides of the issue.

Must be narrow – A good thesis sentence presents an on issue on a subject, which you can handle within your confines. For example, you must be able to complete your assignment within a specific period.

Express a single idea – A thesis statement is not an omnibus of ideas. It carries a single solid idea, which you plan to support in your paper.

Assert your conclusion – Your thesis statement should point toward your conclusion on the subject matter.

With this attributes of an excellent thesis, let us look at practical examples that will help you master how to write a thesis sentence.

Example #1: Sample thesis sentence

Consider this thesis, from an essay on Discrimination of Women and immigrants at the workplace:

While African Americans, women and other minority groups still suffer massive workplace discrimination, there are different practical approaches to tame this abuse of human rights.  

 Notice how the writer takes a clear position on the issue of discrimination of minorities at workplaces. In the essay, we expect details of forms of discrimination plus ways of overcoming this culture. You can read the rest of the essay here and see how this thesis shapes the flow of ideas in developing the argument.

An easy process of how to write a thesis sentence

Developing a good thesis sentence can be a demanding affair. In fact, you might find it easy putting together your ideas on a given issue that stating your thesis. If you are in this state, worry no more. By the time you are through with this document, you will have all the secrets of how to write a thesis sentence at your fingertips. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Brainstorm your topic – A thesis sentence stems from a topic of discussion. You cannot have a thesis without an issue at hand. Once you have the issue, look at from all the angles as you note down your thoughts.

Step 2: Narrow your topic – Limit your scope in order to address a specific issue. For instance, instead of discussing the internet as a means of communication, you can narrow down to the power of social media in the market place. This issue is direct and allows focusing on certain areas.

Step 3: Take a clear position – With a narrow topic, you can go ahead and take a defendable position on the issue. Tell the reader what you want to say about this topic.

Step 4: Use specific language – Your thesis sentence should be as clear as possible. To achieve this, avoid vague language, which causes ambiguity. You do not want to send mixed signals to your readers. After all, you want to convince your audience to change their mind on the issue and support your opinion.

Step 5: Make assertions – put down a declarative statement, which affirms your confidence. Do not doubt your ability to defend your view. What you need is to present your evidence and prove your case.

Now you know how to write a thesis sentence; it is as simple as writing down the name of your pet.

How to create a strong thesis sentence

The main challenge you are likely to encounter when writing your arguments is developing a strong thesis sentence. A serious tutor will turn you back until you present a solid thesis. This can be discouraging especially if you are racing against time. In this section, you will learn ways of making your thesis strong. Keep reading…

The making of a strong thesis sentence

Answers the prompt question – Make sure you read and reread your assignment brief to get what your professor expects from you. If you rush through this stage, you are likely to come up with s thesis that is off the tangent and does not the main question.

Take a position – A strong thesis sentence creates room for debate. Settle on a position you can defend and convince the readers to change their mind. Avoid sweeping generalizations in your thesis. If your thesis is restating a known fact, which no one is likely to differ with, then you could be providing a summary and not thesis.

A strong thesis is specific enough – If you draft a vague thesis, you are likely to end up with a weak argument. Go straight to the point.

A strong thesis answers so what question – Your thesis statement should capture the significance of the issue or subject matter. Why should the reader care about your piece? What is at stake?

Do you now see why you always come up with weak thesis sentences every time you are working on your essay paper? Examine the following examples before we look at more hints of how to write thesis sentence.

Example #2: Sample thesis sentence

In this essay, Should Handguns be banned, the writer addresses a thorny issue in America today. In the first paragraph of the essay, the thesis sentence is clear. It says:

To ban handguns, the government should consider the rights law-abiding citizens against criminals who use guns to commit crime for a fair ruling on who has more authority over the issue.

 Notice how this thesis sets the stage. We expect the writer to detail reasons why obedient citizens support a ban on handguns contrary to their partners in crime.

Final ideas on how to write a thesis sentence

Writing a thesis sentence is never a one of event. You will have to revise, redo and refocus your argument before you get it right. Do not tire.

Analyze your thesis – Always go back to your introduction and adjust your thesis after completing your essay. As you develop your ideas, your angle may change. Capture these changes in your revised version of your thesis statement.

Eliminate mistakes – Go over your thesis sentence to eliminate mistakes likely to weaken your argument.

Avoid a question thesis – A thesis answers a question. Never frame your thesis sentence in form of a question.

Keep your thesis brief – A good thesis should be intact and brief. Avoid listing variables in your thesis statement for this will put off your readers.

Avoid first person – As you think about how to write a thesis sentence for your essay, do not use first person pronoun. Avoid statements like ‘I will explore…’ this is quite disgusting to scholars.

Keep off any new topic – Do not mention anything in your thesis sentence without a reason. Avoid new topics, which you do not intend to cover in your paper. Focus on the scope of what you are working on.

Do not be combative – Be open-minded as you develop your argument. Give room for others to air their views without putting them off. Agree in opinion like scholars without becoming subjective.

Example #3: sample Thesis sentence

Consider this essay Cigarette Smoking. Here is its thesis sentence.

Banning cigarette smoking is not possible because of the economic benefits of the tobacco industry even with the deadly effects of smoking.

 This is a clear and strong thesis. The reader expects a debate on pros and cons of puffing.

With these basics of how to write a thesis sentence, nothing should come between you and excellence. You will do great.

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