How to Write a Thesis Statement for a Research Paper

How to Write a Thesis Statement for a Research Paper

Knowing how to write a thesis statement for a research paper is imperative for every college student. A thesis statement is the main idea, a central point or a main argument that you make in your paper. It is the sentence or main argument that captures the position you make regarding the subject or topic you are writing about. Therefore, it is wise that you consider regular practice for you to craft a thesis that helps readers to have an idea of what your paper is all about.

How to write a thesis statement for a research paper effortlessly

Writing a thesis statement for your paper can be a daunting task if you do not understand what a thesis does. You are expected to take a stance and develop an argument or claim in a thesis statement and within the last sentence of your introduction. Note that your assignment sheet may not necessarily state explicitly that you need a thesis. However, it is your role as a student to include it in your paper because, it is a

Statement that tells readers how you will interpret the importance of the subject matter or topic under discussion

It is a road map for the research paper and it tells target audience what to expect from the paper

Additionally, a thesis statement answers the question asked of you directly. It is simply an interpretation of a question or subject but not necessarily the subject itself. For example, in a topic such as World War II, a thesis must clearly offer a way for the reader to understand the war.

A thesis statement also takes a stance or makes a claim that others may dispute

A thesis statement is also a single sentence somewhere in your first paragraph and it presents the main argument in your paper to the reader. The rest of your paper including the body will therefore gather and organize evidence to persuade target audience of the logic of your interpretation.

With a clear idea of what a thesis statement does, crafting one for your paper will not be difficult. This section will help you learn how to get a thesis statement for your assignment.

How to get and write a thesis statement for a research paper

A good thesis statement is achieved following a lengthy brainstorming session. This is not necessarily the first thing you do after reading your assignment question. You have to collect and organize evidence and possible relationships between known facts, similarities and differences regarding the subject matter before developing an argument. You also need to focus on the significance of the relationships and once you brainstorm, you will reach at a good working thesis, a main idea or a basic point that will build your argument.

When writing your thesis, you have to support it with solid evidence but this can be further adjusted along the way. This means that you can use different techniques to develop your statement and comprehend a larger significance of the topic. These questions will therefore, help you to learn how to formulate a good thesis for a research paper

Where should you incorporate a thesis statement?

As mentioned earlier, you should provide a solid thesis statement early in your paper, in the introduction. Write a thesis in the last sentence of your introduction by establishing your position and giving a sense of direction to target audience. To write a good statement and include it in the introduction, you need to be specific and clear as possible.

Avoid vague statements and

Indicate your stance while avoiding sentences like, ‘’the point of my research paper is’’……………………………….

Is your thesis statement specific?

A good thesis statement is specific and clear as possible. Learn how to write a thesis statement for a research paper is specific, evolves and gains definition as you continue to write your paper. It is very important to have a specific thesis as it helps you to have a better sense of where the main claim is taking you. In this case, check you’re your statement and determine

Whether there are two broad statement that are connected by a conjunction loosely including and, or, or, nor, yet, so or for.

Would a subordinate conjunction help in your statement i.e. because, since, although and through to signal any relationship between the two broad sentences?

If so, consider one focus and go ahead to develop a thesis

Is your thesis statement too general?

A thesis statement should be precise and limited to what can be achieved within the specific number of pages. For this reason, it is imperative that you shape the subject matter or the topic to help you get straight to the thesis. Being specific is very crucial when writing the thesis as it enables you to be more successful and efficient in your writing as opposed to just skimming through the pages. Hence, master how to write a focused, crisp and narrow thesis statement

Is your thesis statement clear?

To master how to write thesis statement for a research paper, it is essential to note that it is part of your research paper. For this reason, it needs to be clearing as much as possible. A clear thesis is imperative because it helps readers to understand exactly what you mean. To develop a clear thesis,

  • Avoid technical language and any form of jargon in your writing
  • Avoid vague statements
  • Avoid the use of abstract words such as culture, values and society

These statements and words tell the reader nothing unless you go an extra mile to explain exactly what you mean. Therefore, take time to check your sentences for such statements. Ensure your thesis is clear and specific.

Does the thesis include a comment about the stance you take on the subject matter?

A thesis statement merely announces the topic of the research paper. It should reveal the position you will take in regards to the subject matter, how you plan to evaluate and analyze it. Instead of stating a general idea or fact, resort to having a simplistic con or pro statement and decide on what you have to say.

The rule of thumb in this case is to avoid announcing the topic merely. Instead, announce it originally, from a specific angle and clearly. By doing so, target audience will be able to understand what your take on the issue is.

How to write a thesis statement for a research paper-be original

It is imperative to be original when writing a thesis statement for a research paper. Avoid generic arguments as well as formula statements. They only work best when getting a rough draft for your paper but they bore readers. Therefore, master how to write a thesis that truly and clearly reflects your real ideas. In this case, be prepared to answer the question so what in your thesis and be ready to explain why the stance you are taking or the point you are making is worthy of the research paper. Why should target audience read it?

You also need to use your own words when formulating a thesis statement and avoid quotes. This is because an insightful, original and memorable thesis statement leaves a distinct impression on the reader. As a writer, you will lose credibility when you become a copyist or just a mouthpiece. On the other hand, you gain more credibility by using personal ideas and words to grab the attention of target audience.

Therefore, master how to write a thesis statement for a research paper that reflects clearly, well-crafted ideas. This, signals your intelligence, enthusiasm and commitment to research paper writing.

Examples of thesis statements for a research paper  

Example 1: The Attack of Iran by Iraq

The attack of Iran by Iraq marked the beginning of the war between the two countries. The attacked introduced a series of attacks through land and space into Iran’s kingdom on 22nd September 1980. Consequently, there was a history of long boundary disputes and Shia revolution qualms amongst Shia majority group.

Go through this research paper and see how the writer incorporates a solid thesis statement supporting his argument.

Example 2

AT & T Incorporation

Companies are increasing becoming aware of the fact that leadership plays a significant role in driving them towards realization of their goals and objectives. Leaders have the duty of restructuring and transforming the organization in the main areas aimed at fulfilling client needs and their demands in the market whenever they arise. ………………………

Find the rest of the research paper here and see how the thesis is developed by the writer.

Example 3


Today, many American parents refuse to take their children for vaccinations because of many unfounded fears. Vaccinations against rubella, polio and mumps should be mandatory and with no exception for all U.S kids who wish to attend school. The vaccines are important because they help in control and eradication of deadly infectious diseases.

This thesis was inspired by this essay you can always read it to get more information on thesis statements.

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