How to Write an Essay Introduction Paragraph

How to Write an Essay Introduction Paragraph

Knowing how to write an essay introduction paragraph is essential for creating a strong first impression on your paper. The introduction is the window through which readers are able to tell whether your essay is worth reading. Therefore, it is very important that you know how to craft a unique and outstanding essay introduction that will not only attract readers but also keep them glued to the entire piece. Keep reading for great insights on how to write an essay introduction paragraph with ease.

An essay introduction paragraph is general short and is supposed to tell readers what your topic of discussion is. In the first sentences of the introductory paragraph, you are required to provide the readers with a general view of the subject then narrow down to your main claim, also known as the hypothesis.

An essay introduction should also clearly tell readers about the main points that you intend to address in the paper, according to the order that they will be discussed. In short, your introduction should be able to show readers what to expect in the rest of the paper in brief.

Essay introductions are not quite different from those of other academic papers, hence, knowing how to write an essay introduction paragraph can help you in writing others papers too. In fact, it is one of the best ways through which you can effectively enhance your writing skills. With a good introductory paragraph, you will realize that writing other parts of the paper is quite easy.

Tips on how to write an essay introduction paragraph

The way the introduction paragraph of your essay is written can tell a lot about your knowledge of the subject, writing skills, creativity among other key elements of success. This implies that you should know how to write an essay introduction paragraph that is catchy, subjective and clear in details.

It is always advisable that you take some time to brainstorm and carefully think of what to write in the introduction. Try to look for unique angles on how to introduce your topic in order to make it a bit different from the usual ones.

The key aspects that have to be included in the introductory paragraph are the hook, context and thesis statement. It is important that you first organize what you want to say in each of these sections of the introduction.

As you brainstorm, take notes and create links between the listed points. Develop contrasts and analyze the points to reflect the purpose of your paper. In opening statements, you will have to tell readers why it is important to read the essay.

The hook can be created in various ways including the use of anecdotes, questions or simply giving interesting facts about the topic. It is important that you decide on the most appropriate one for your essay based on the subject that you plan to discuss.

After the hook, you will need to give a brief background information about the topic so readers can understand the context of the essay. The statements should be skillfully narrowed down to the main claim of the paper; thesis.

Although at the point of writing an introduction paragraph you will have decided on a working thesis for the essay, it is advisable that you re-visit it just to be sure. Remember that the introduction is the chance that you have to convince readers that your essay is worth reading. Therefore, always make sure that every point that you plan to present therein can effectively meet this goal.

The thesis that you choose should be an argument that you are able to clearly and conclusively prove in the body of the paper. It can always be revised even after writing the introduction based on the specific purpose of your essay.

It is also important that you list down in advance, some of the phrases that you will use in linking the introduction paragraph to the rest of the paper.

An essay introduction is generally short, but you will always find that the lengths vary based on the topic, requirements of the paper among others. Long paragraphs are considered boring and it is advisable that you always try and make your points brief in order to deliver a short introduction.

Steps on how to write an essay introduction paragraph

An essay introduction paragraph should have basically three sections; hook or attention grabber, context and thesis. However, all these should be crafted in short sentences, joined together to make the first paragraph of your essay.

The following procedures will guide you on how to write an essay introduction paragraph step by step.

Open the essay with a hook

A hook is an interesting statement or sentence that can attract the attention of readers immediately they lay eyes on the paper. If you choose to use an anecdote, make it short and ensure that it is relevant to your main point.

In case you decide to pose a question at the start of the essay to act as a hook, try to make it precise and one that can generate a reaction from the readers. In this way, you will be able to influence them to reading the rest of the essay.

On the other hand, you can also simply choose to open the paper by giving interesting facts or quotes about the subject. The facts given in this scenario should not be the usual ones that most people are aware of. Instead. Look for those that are little known but touch on the lives of your readers.

The hook that you use should be able to set the discussion in motion towards the intended direction.

Say something about the subject

After opening the paper, you should also give a short informative statement about the subject to show your readers that you understand it. Besides, this will also help you in clearing the way for the thesis, which follows immediately.

On this part, you can write about just three to four sentences or even less that give a general view of the subject.

Write the thesis

In every essay paper, there is always a specific reason for writing which is shown in the thesis. Therefore, try to move from the general view of the topic to your main claim. In order to avoid any form of confusion to the readers, always use simple language and be clear in every point of the thesis.

Avoid long statements, instead, state the specific reason for writing the essay and how you plan to build up on that claim in the paper. Once again, you should remember that the thesis should be an argument that you are able to support effectively in the essay.

Examples of Essay Introduction Paragraphs

Reading sample paragraphs of essay introductions is also another way through which you can easily know how to write an essay introduction paragraph. The following are some examples that you can refer to for motivation in writing.

Example 1

Sample introduction paragraph for an Essay about Challenges Facing Indian Democracy

‘’As a developing nation, India is one of the countries of the world, which struggle with having a purely democratic society. It faces a wide range of challenges, which weigh heavily on its people and on its attempts at rising to higher standards of governance. In this paper, we discuss some of the leading challenges facing Indian democracy today…’’

(To read the sample and see how it is designed in a typical essay, see here

Example 2

Introductory paragraph for an Essay about PESTEL Analysis on Coca Cola

‘’PESTEL analysis on Coca Cola identifies market changes that are caused by political, economic, social as well as technological factors. Coca Cola is a company that is involved in the manufacture and distribution of more than 300 brands of beverages. It offers its services in over 200 countries across the world. The company has been ranked among the Fortune 500 companies for having the best strategies in marketing.

PESTEL analysis is important since it helps in identifying and analyzing actions that are necessary and important for the immediate activation of the company…’’

(Read the entire sample introduction paragraph on this link.

Example 3

Sample Introduction for Essay on Impact of Legalization of Gay Marriage

‘’The impact of legalization of gay marriage can be both positive and negative. Over the years, this topic has been subjected to heated debate with some people saying that legalizing gay marriage will affect the society negatively. Others are of the view that the move would have far-reaching negative impacts while others are of the opinion that the move may not even have any impact at all…’’

(Read the whole sample paragraph here)

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