How to Write the Best Research Paper

How to Write the Best Research Paper

Knowing how to write the best research paper is a sure way of enhancing your grades in both assignments and term papers. With properly written research papers, you can always be able to attain the best points that will significantly improve your general performance at the end of the semester and eventually, course. Keep reading for tips on how to write the best research paper. Besides, we will also give samples of professionally crafted research papers to motivate you in writing.

A research paper is an academic paper whereby you are required to explore, identify scientific, technical and social issues. This may seem like a daunting task to many, but you can make it quite simpler with good organization and focus. You can easily know how to craft research papers by taking time to plan well and following proper writing procedures.

Knowing how to write research papers will also enable you to deliver unique and top notch essays, dissertations, and reports among others. Even after school, you will still find the skills quite useful in writing other materials related to work. Besides, knowing how to write the best research paper can also take your oral and written communication skills to another level.

Tips on how to write the best research paper

Unlike other academic papers, there are certain guidelines that should be followed when writing research papers. The following are basic guidelines on how to write the best research paper.

Read and understand the research question

One of the mistakes that most students often make when writing research papers is failing to read and understand the question of the study. Remember that you can only create a good research paper if you understand the subject of discussion or study.

In case you are still unable to comprehensively understand the question of the research, it is advisable that you ask for clarity. Do not make assumptions based on your own interpretations, instead, get the facts right.

Pick a topic

Although many research papers are assigned with guidelines on what should be covered, it is important that you choose a subject that you can handle without problems. Settle on a topic that your feel passionate about and would love writing about. This can increase your chances of delivering a good piece.

Avoid subjects that are too technical or complicated since those may not be easier to work on when it comes to writing. Go for interesting topics with a variety of reference materials.

Do your research

After choosing the subject that interests you, it is important that you do some research on it in order to attain sufficient information for the discussion. Research can be done from both primary and secondary sources.

It is always advisable that you focus your search specifically on the subject of study. However, try to generate information from a wide range of sources in order to come up with unique content for the paper.

Online sources can provide reliable information for writing the research paper. When doing the research, remember to take notes and clearly indicate the sources for reference when writing your paper. The library can also be an ideal source of information for research papers.

State the hypothesis

Based on the information that you have gathered, take time to carefully analyze them in order to come up with a thesis statement. This is the key argument that your research paper will prove.

Your main claim should be one that you are able to comprehensively discuss and support in the rest of the paper. In order to make the paper different, try to craft a thesis from a unique angle. Focus on a perspective that not many have been able to cover properly, but you can easily discuss.

Make an outline

An outline is a precise presentation of the points that you intend to explain in the research paper. However, it must show all the issues that will be addressed in the paper from the introduction to conclusion.

The outline should show the topic of the research paper and hypothesis at the top. Besides, you should also indicate the key points for the introductory sentences.

In order to deliver a good research paper, you should also indicate in point form, bullets or numbers, the main points that will be used to support the thesis. These should be listed under the body paragraphs section.

Under every main point, you should also write the examples or evidences for backing it. It is advisable that you list more than one example in order to make the argument compelling.

You should also clearly indicate how you intend to conclude the study in the outline. Simply list the points or a statement showing how you intend to bring the discussion to a close.

Steps on how to write the best research paper

Follow the procedures outlined below to easily find out how to write the best research paper


In the opening statements of the paper, you can give a brief background information about the topic just to set the stage for your argument. This can include an interesting fact or just general information that is related to the subject and your claim.

In the introduction is where your thesis or hypothesis should also be written. Clearly tell the readers about your chief claim and how you plan to approach the subject. State the specific purpose of your paper or study that will be discussed therein.

It is also important to give your readers a brief explanation of the points that will be addressed in the paper, in the desired format.

Body paragraphs

This is where you will need to give a detailed explanation of the points to support your claim in the hypothesis. Always reserve a fresh paragraph for a new point and evidence or examples to support it.

In proving your argument, always try to be clear in every point and write short paragraphs but with comprehensive information about the subject of study. Avoid vague statements and too much exaggerations, instead stick to the facts.

Start with a strong argument and end with the strongest to make readers understand that you properly know what you are discussing. Ensure that information from other sources is well referenced as required in the paper.


The conclusion should not be too long but precisely restate the thesis statement and summarize your arguments. Besides, you should also explain to readers why you have made the particular conclusion, and point to further studies where necessary.

Examples of Research Papers

Reading sample research papers is also another way through which you can easily know how to write the best research paper. The following examples will give you more insights on the best research papers should be written.

Example 1

Sample Research Paper on Iraq-Iran War

‘’The attack of Iran by Iraq marked the beginning of the Ira-Iran war. This attack introduced concurrent attacks through land and space into the kingdom of Iran on 22nd September 1980. Consequently, there was a history of long boundary disagreements as well as Shi revolution’s qualms among the Shia majority group which had been repressed for a long time in Iraq…’’

Read the rest of this research paper sample on here.

Example 2

Research paper on Women Disadvantaged in Leadership

‘’Women have been increasingly hailed for excellence in leadership in the modern world. Women at certain times manifest leadership styles more than their male counterparts, especially those linked to cases of effective leadership performance. However, most people today prefer male bosses unlike female ones. This has made it hard for women to get leadership roles. It mostly occurs in cases of succeeding the male dominated leadership responsibilities. The apparent mixture of advantages and disadvantages that have been experienced by women leaders reflect the significant progress towards the element of gender equality that is portrayed in behavior and attitudes. This is linked to the cases of failures to complete the achievement of such objectives…’’

Simply click on this link to find the whole sample research paper

Example 3

Research Paper on the New Face of Conflict

‘’The whole world is living with the threat of terrorism over their heads. Every government is concerned with the challenges posed by terrorists. In the years gone by especially after WWII, people were not concerned with terrorism. This has however, changed and terrorism makes the headlines in the press the world over. The groups that are responsible in the propagation of terrorism emerged in the last half of the 20th century. They are organized groups with the basis of their activities being political, ethnical, religious or cultural backgrounds. Countries like Afghanistan, Peru and those in the Middle East have been on the receiving end of terrorism…’’

Read the entire sample here.

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