Hr Management Assignment Paper on Personal Reflection

Personal Reflection

I believe that a graduate degree provides many opportunities that one cannot gain through the undergraduate degree alone. One of the main reasons why I chose to pursue a graduate program is that it gives me an opportunity to know more about my field of interest. As opposed to the undergraduate degrees, the graduate degree expands the knowledge capacity in a particular area and I believe this gives me an opportunity for specialization. I also believe that once I have my graduate degree, I will be able to fit more job opportunities hence I will be increasing my chances of getting employed. This also comes with an increase in the earnings. The graduate school also gives people a chance to grow intellectually and one can change careers if they so wish. This flexibility in terms of opportunities and the respect that comes with completing graduate school studies are some of the factors that drove me to pursuing this course.

In particular, I believe that as a business oriented individual, the human relations program gives me the opportunity to enhance my competence in terms of interpersonal relations. The business environment demands that the practitioners in the field be prepared to take advantage of the opportunities availed to interact with others in order to increase organizational profitability. The human relations program provides course on interpersonal communication, enhancing interpersonal skills and developing appreciation for human diversity. In the field that I am currently in, and in which I intend to stay for long, such elements are mandatory if one desires to grow professionally. Understanding the diversity of the work place and applying the cultural dimensionality concepts are necessary in the business work place and I believe the human relations program will give sufficient skills in this area. I can thus deduce that my decision to join the course was not ill advised.

In my pursuit of excellence in the business environment, my short term goals are to complete my graduate course and to be placed in a growing business institution. Once these goals are achieved, I will formulate a series of specific goals in relation to the work place I am attached to and to the responsibility assigned to me. As at now, I believe the graduate course will be able to help me achieve my goals as it offers exactly what I desire in my pursuit of the human relations program. Furthermore, the human relations program will give me an opportunity to understand the diversity among people and hence to push my way into the business environment and eventually through business growth.

As an individual, I possess some traits that I am sure will be required in my pursuit for my graduate program as well as in my efforts to enter the business environment. For instance, I am passionate about business and about the human relations aspect of business. This passion will motivate me towards performing well in my entire course and efficiently addressing the challenges faced. Furthermore, I am always optimistic in my outlook upon life and I have the zeal and tenacity that is required for business sustainability. Through my years, I have also come to understand that I have strong communication skills, and I believe that this will be a good starting point not only for my career but also for understanding my course subjects. I therefore believe that I am moving in the right direction with regards to my choice of graduate program.