Human Resources Management (HRM): Sample Essay on Contingency Theory

 Contingency Theory

Fielder (1964, 34) cites that a contingency theory is connected to path objective. It further reveals the manner in which traits of individuals in leadership affected the performance of employees. Their behaviours will also determine if workers will be satisfied based on how leaders treat them.

Evans Martin was the pioneer to develop the contingency approach in 1970. Later, House Robert revised the theory and made improvements in 1971. Hersey (1969,27) asserts that theory administrators guide individuals to meet high levels of performance in a firm. Leaders achieve this by making specification to workers to enable them to accomplish their objectives. Another way of achieving goals of an organization is clear when leaders award them for fulfilling their set of objectives.

As a result, this makes it easier for workers to achieve their objectives. To enhance progress in a firm, leaders are supposed to offer modern technology to facilitate communication in a company. It is essential for the management to be skilful and provide tools that will enable employees to improve their operation standards. Leaders who are in charge of their firm in this manner facilitate satisfaction among workers at the job place. Conversely, workers should operate in a way that makes them apply passion to their jobs. Evidently, workers can only depict such traits when they are guided with leaders who exhibit integrity.

Contingency theory incorporates four aspects that determines characters in leaders. They include supportive, participative, directive and achievement. In this regard, hypothesis from different studies is connected to this approach. For instance, this applies to empirical research that depicts the participative styles of leaders. Theory of path goal is also significant because it reveals the influence that potential leaders have on employees. It determines ways in which leaders use to motive workers to boost performance in a firm.



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