Human Resources Management (HRM): Sample Essay on Social Security Act

Social Security Act

In 1935, the social security act became endorsed as a law. The act was signed into law by Franklin Roosevelt depicting it as a legislative achievement that happened in US history. It facilitated creation of numerous programs that granted help to the American citizens. Evidently, it was the social insurance program that led to rise of social security act.

This program was initiated to benefit Americans by ensuring that employees above 65 years had a steady income. It also offered materials for individuals who had retired to enable them to live a good life with their families. Social security is termed as a humanitarian act that protected Americans (Robert, 2008).  It also made them feel appreciated in the community. Since the act became passed into law, it incurred consequent amendments. However, in regard to depression in the economy, it has faced challenges that were socio economic related.

A huge depression of the economy that took place in 1930 rendered plenty of citizens jobless. Majority of them had no source of income and savings to sustain them. Averagely, this made the rate of unemployment to escalate to 18.2 percent due to the economy downfall. In this situation, citizens who were poor, already retired, old and without jobs suffered a lot. Issues that were noted by the social security programs sector were enacted to enhance operations in the economy. Clearly, individuals who attempted to breach with this act and federal healthcare plans became excluded.

The exclusions fostered lawful conducts and ethical operations. In addition, the law was not supposed to permit agreements that incorporated citizens that were not part of the federal health care plan. It is significant for health workers in US to stop partnership with excluded individuals. This was necessary to pave way for a bright future in America.


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