Human Rights and Economic Disparity

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Le Guin presents a futuristic, seemingly Utopian solution to attaining perfect sustained balance, while Mosley presents economically and socially deprived community seeking to establish /sustain a balanced justice for itself. Each is an example of the way the communities have sought sustainable strategies in odd, extreme, contradictory ways.

To make things about this prompt clearer and to state what should be obvious to most of you – you are required to discuss the 2 works of Ursula le Guin and Walter Mosley, not pass over them with brief references/sentences. Select problems, issues, and dilemmas developed in each of them from the beginning, through to the conclusion of the 2 writings. Do you see such, or similar issues occurring in situations in our times and experiences? Do you think there will be any changes in those situations we see presently, 25 years from now, given the initiatives of the UN, other activist bodies, and the public responses [including yourself]?

Thinking of these situations, and casting your vision 25 years from now, what do you see yourself or communities doing globally, as individuals, or communities to be sustainable? Would there be progress, or deterioration, or uncertain results? Please use examples and illustrations as you explain what you present.
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