Importance of Strategic Management in Public Sector Essay

Importance of Strategic Management in Public Sector

In order to achieve anything great, you must come up with small purposeful ways that you will apply to get there. This is what is referred to as strategising. Organisations in the public sector have a certain agenda that they want to achieve. In order to do so, they must apply strategic management.

Strategic management is important to any organisation. In the public sector the organisations must have a mission and a vision. Carrying out activities and initiatives without having a plan can make a particular sector to become redundant. The government has to have very clear objectives as to why they need each and every arm of government.

One of the most important things in strategic management is carrying out a SWOT analysis. This entails the executive members of the organisation making an effort to understand their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Once an organisation understands these things, they are able to trace a way forward. The executive will understand the valued competencies that their organisation has that will propel them towards their goals.

The success of any organisation is assured once they apply strategic management. The key here is that the organisation is taking rational measures. As opposed to making decisions in reaction to a certain situation, a company that has strategic planning will be ready for any eventualities. They managers will have confidence in the execution of all activities since they are always prepared.

Strategic management will help an organisation in the public sector to experience growth and expansion. Since it helps and organisation to realise its strengths, they are able to invest more in their valued competencies. By applying the right kind of activities, the organisation is bound to grow greater.

Strategic management will save an organisation a lot of money. It entails regular monitoring and evaluation. Monitoring and evaluation is necessary to find out the effectiveness of the activities being carried out by an organisation. The public sector will be able to save on financial and human capital if they can analyse the roles that they play and whether the input is worth the output.

Strategic management helps an organisation to realise and understand the external as well as internal threats that work against their goal. With this understanding, an organisation is able to come up worth measures to protect themselves from the negative implications of such threats. For example, internally employees are prone to getting disoriented in the future if they continue working in the same capacity for many years. There is therefore need to ensure continuous learning by providing them with training opportunities as well as study leaves to make them more productive for the benefor of the organisation. the organisation can also come up with a reward system to motivate the employees. Team building activities outside the office environment where employees can engage each other in a more relaxed environment will also reduce such internal threats.

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