International Relations: Sample Essay on Why There Exists Rich and Poor Countries

Why There Exists Rich and Poor Countries

In this globe, there exist countries that are wealthy and poor. In this regard, various aspects determine the level of improvement in such countries. Furthermore, the geographical regions of states also define whether there are rich or stricken in poverty. Evidently, states that are usually in stable condition have plenty of diamond, gold and oil.  These countries are perceived to be rich in contrast to those in geographical regions that lack such minerals.

In other geographical regions, states have favorable climatic conditions. They incur high production of food for consumption and also sell them for wealthy purposes. This implies that countries that lack minerals and sufficient food tend to depend on others for upkeep. Countries also find themselves in a poverty situation when they have unstable political rulers. Various aspects such as modes of business, war and corruption contributes to poverty in different nations. In some states, underdevelopment and poor management of their wealth leads to a poverty condition (Andersen, 2011).

On the contrary, states that are wealthy are usually guided by strict rules. As a result, this makes them to be stable in political aspects hence it makes the country to prosper. Clearly, cultural and social aspects also determine the progress of a certain state. Different factors such as technology, discrimination and increase in population depicts if a state will be rich or poor. A number of states that are still developing are working hard to enhance progress in their countries. Besides depending on climatic and natural resources, they formulate other alternatives.

For instance, countries develop themselves by embracing economic development and upgrading their standards of living. These countries devolve new techniques such as modern technology and population control. However, it is hard to accomplish such goals if a state is still developing and has plenty of people. A state can be poor or wealthy depending on its state of economy and how it utilizes its natural sources.



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