Interview of HS Football Coach Assignment

Informational Interview Reflection
You have researched and read about various career options, narrowed down your occupational interest
areas, and spoken with professionals in your fields of interest to gain inside perspectives. Now it is time to reflect
on what you have learned to determine if the career you discussed with a professional is a good fit for you.
After completing your informational interview, you will upload a 2-3 page critical reflection paper to Canvas
discussing what you learned and how the career relates to or differs from your interests, skills, and values. Think
critically about how this career may or may not fit you.
NOTE: Any method of communication other than in-person, over the phone, or via Skype must be preapproved by your instructor. Additionally, you may NOT interview a professor, parent, immediate family
member, or current student (at UNL or elsewhere) for this assignment. The purpose of this assignment is to help
you expand your network.
Formatting Requirements:
• Typed or uploaded as a Word (.doc, .docx) document – Papers written and submitted in a word
processor not compatible with Microsoft cannot be accepted.
• Page requirements are full pages. Since the page requirement is a minimum of 2 pages, that means 2
full pages, not 1 ½ pages.
• 1-inch margins
• 12-point, Time New Roman font
• Header with name, student ID, and date – single-spaced
• Double-spaced content
Basic Information: After the header of your paper, please provide the following information before beginning
your critical reflection
• Name of person interviewed
• Position and Employer/Company of person interviewed
• Contact information for the person interviewed (phone and/or email address)
• Date interviewed
• How you connected with the person you interviewed (Employer in Residence booth, family friend, etc.)
Critical Reflection: Address the following questions in the main body of your informational interview reflection. If
you wish to add additional information, feel free to do so.
• How did you find this person to interview? Why did you choose them?
• Briefly summarize the person’s job responsibilities.
• How do your interests/skills/values/strengths compare to the person who you interviewed?
• How do you interests/skills/values/strengths contrast with the person who you interviewed?
• Explain one thing you learned that surprised you.
• If you participated in an on-site opportunity, describe the environment. What did you like about it?
What did you not like?
• After the interview, are you still considering this as a potential career? Why or why not?
• Where do you plan on going from here? What are your next steps? (ex. Evaluate other career options,
secure an internship, etc.)
You will be graded using the rubric below and will be expected to earn a “Meet Expectations” for this
assignment to be considered complete. If you score a “Does Not Meet Expectations,” you will be expected to
revise and resubmit your reflection.
Does Not Meet Expectations Meets Expectations Exceeds Expectations
Basic Information Professional’s name, title,
company, date
interviewed, contact
information, or how you
found them not included.
1-2 missing pieces of
information about
professional interviewed
(name, title, company,
date interviewed,
contact information, or
how you found them)
Professional’s name, title,
company, date
interviewed, contact
information, and how you
found them included.
Content/Reflection Content is underdeveloped,
personal reflection content
is devoid of critical thinking
and research.
Some content could use
a little more
development or critical
thinking; personal
reflection is mostly
thought out and
All content fully explained;
personal reflection is
critically thought out and
Structure Paper is not the minimum
length (2 full pages) and/or
is not appealing; format
requirements not followed
(1 inch margins, Times New
Roman, 12 pt font, doublespaced, header single
spaced) ; problematic
introduction or conclusion;
confusing or grossly
inappropriate organization;
many missing or awkward
transitions; fails to follow the
assignment’s directions.
Paper meets the page
limit (2 full pages
minimum), doublespaced and follows
formatting requirements;
introduction or
conclusion unconnected
or unequal in impact;
organization bumpy; few
awkward transitions;
partially fails to follow the
assignment’s directions.
Paper meets the page limit
(2 full pages minimum) and
follows formatting
instructions; engaging
introduction and impactful
conclusion that work
together; clear, appropriate
organization; smooth
transitions; follows the
assignment’s directions.
Editing/Language Many editing mistakes in
final drafts; much editing
needed. Language is often
unclear or confusing; little
evidence of conscious
writing; descriptions are
mostly telling rather than
showing; lack of vivid,
concrete images or details;
voice is inappropriate for
writing situation.
A few editing mistakes in
final drafts; could use a
little closer editing.
Language has a few
awkward or unclear
moments; writing
sometimes conscious, but
not always; descriptions
have some moments of
telling rather than
showing; some vivid,
concrete images and
details; voice contains
few moments of
inconsistency; voice
mostly appropriate for
writing situation.
Very few editing mistakes in
final drafts; shows evidence
of close editing. Language
carefully chosen, conscious
writing obvious; description
shows instead of tells;
sophisticated use of vivid,
concrete images and
details; voice smooth and
clearly defined; voice
appropriate for writing
*Rubric adapted from Dr. Tamy Burnett, University of Nebraska-Lincoln