Kelsey Community Profile Sample Essay


Kelsey, located Northwest valley hills has about 625, 000 people. It offers services of the city while maintaining its attraction in the small town. The city is made up of an earth friendly community that also enhances better quality of life through environmental awareness, healthy lifestyles and different services. Its organic farms and restaurants also provide fresh food for staff in the region.

Kelsey has amazing school districts across the country and offers various shopping and dining experiences. The communities in the city are also spectacular and master planned from different home builders in the country. Many of them provide golf courses, country clubs and parks surrounding one of its best pristine lakes in the region.

The roots of the city’s inhabitants are based self-sufficiency and agriculture history with a middle age of about 32years and an annual per capita profit of $ 17, 720. Additionally, residents of Kelsey perform different tasks including delivery of materials and equipment, construction work, technology consulting, services to businesses and agriculture.

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Therefore, the city is constantly on the move. People in the city also interact through different community programs, schools and shopping centers. The community holds many occasions throughout the year and it includes a monthly market for craft air, farmers, annual St. Patrick’s Day parade, Memorial Day Coed softball tournament, and golf tournament, annual 10k marathon, annual balloon festival and Memorial Day coed softball tournament.

Additionally, they have different recreational centers where families can go for fun. There is also a prison in the city and it is among the best law enforcement centers in the nation. Residents work in the prison and conserve strong ethical standards as a way of giving back to the society. This is based on their understanding of the importance of quality services to detainees and to help rehabilitate them to reduce rate of crimes.

Kelsey city was founded with a major purpose of maintaining a close knit community maintained by majority of citizens as well as preserving its natural resources as part of their responsibility for social success (Wasley, 2008). The responsibility of the citizens towards the community to enhance and sustain the image of Kelsey is rooted in agriculture.

People in the city also use public transportation and alternatives such as bicycles. Similarly, the community offers a wide range of opportunities to the residents for activities such as Lake Lora, City Park, aquatic center and art and craft centers. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the community to give this in return by preserving its natural resources.

There is also inexpensive public transportation provided to the community using a combination of light rail cars and bus routes. Through this, the people are able to save on cash and help in protecting the environment especially from air pollution. The community has also increased its efforts dramatically to preserve its natural resources because of growing population it the past few years.

Community members also behave sensibly and decently to social, cultural, economic and environmental issues. Therefore, endeavoring social responsibility enables citizens to have a positive impact on the society as well as business development based on positive contribution towards bottom line outcomes. Social responsibility can additionally be achieved by engaging individuals in the community where he or she resides.

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