Law: Case Study on United States v. Fawaz Younis

United States v. Fawaz Younis

The issue in this case involves the complainant who challenges a verdict that was granted by the honorable court. For instance, this is in regard to charges that are based on the plot, hostage charges and aircraft piracy. During this case, there was a criminal event that took place in 1985. It incorporated a Jordanian airline plane that was seized in Beirut by four men.

Furthermore, issues that were supposed to be considered in this case were to measure if Younis failed to abide by rights involved in the Fifth Amendment. In regard to the constitution, Younis was to be protected by the law. In this case, the offender was condemned of taking hostages and aircraft piracy. As a result, this made the suspect to reject his moves. His motion was linked to jurisdiction that took place in district courts.

Younis also claimed that he was arrested in an unlawful manner. He also alleged that those in authority had intentions to withhold vital documents that were classified. According to him, this would not be helpful in setting him free. The court ruled that the activities that were held by the military were legal. This implies that breach of constitutional rights by the government or an individual was prohibited. This was especially if it applied to the Fifth Amendment.

Evaluating this case, it is clear that delay is necessary if the duration will take long. This argument further reached judges to inform them that the ruling will delay. From this case, we can conclude that it was essential for Younis to be protected by the Fifth Amendment even if he was a stranger. Based on the circumstances, the offender was not supposed to appear guilty until proper investigations were conducted.



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