Law: Discussion Paper on Settling Tax Dispute in IRS

Settling Tax Dispute in IRS

In matters that concern settling of tax disputes, various reasons reveal why clients would seek solutions. This is in relation to wrangles in taxes that incorporate agents. It does not support plead for help that is in the IRS category.  Clearly, it fails to incorporate complications or legal actions.

Evidently, settling disputes with assistance from agents creates a situation in which the taxpayer will not be capable of giving documentations. This also applies in filling a suit in courts which means that the agent may grant taxpayer additional time to give their reasons. In this regard, the taxpayer will be in a position to obtain significant details from agents. This will not be offered in higher places that are allocated by IRS. The benefit of agents will be to grant opportunity to consumers to contribute their ideas (Crawford, 2013).

This does not apply in a situation that is associated with high level of authority. It will be in regard to IRS category. This further implies that settling tax disputes with agents enables individuals who are responsible for paying taxes to avoid new issues. In such a situation, complications that arise increase power in IRS category. In some circumstances, various clients might prefer to seek positions to handle tax disputes. This influences the top ranks that seem to be attractive to agents.

Furthermore, this is a reliable option because the agent may not be able to handle all challenges. It applies in a situation whereby they are selected by customers. In some cases, agents bribe clients in order to settle their tax disputes. At the IRS superior rank, the customer is capable to access financial transactions. This facilitates confidentiality because the agent cannot access vital details of customers.



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