Leadership Studies Paper on Analyzing Opportunities for Organization Development


Northern County Legal services (NCLS) is a non-profitable legal firm that matches clients who cannot afford a lawyer with legal counsels offering pro bono services. The firm concentrates on housing and employment law but may also offer assistance on other legal needs. Most of the company employees are volunteers, among whom many are law students. The staff is managed by Julie, a full-time employee who also acts as a director of the center. The working facilities in NCLS are in a deprived condition with few rooms to serve customers and small waiting space with no air conditioner. The employees usually conduct an interview on clients, which seems tedious and takes a lot of time. The process of serving clients is disorganized, and the employees are not conversant with the procedure to follow. In addition, Julie is overwhelmed with managerial duties, lacking leadership and communication skills to run the organization.

Working in such an environment is hard and uncomfortable. There is a lot of disorganization running from the leadership to serving the customers. First, the working space is inadequate, and the volunteers have to share the rooms. Besides, the customers are not served in the order of their arrivals.  Considering the magnitude of stress created by the cases being handled, the environment is too chaotic to work in. Furthermore, the guidelines given by the leader are confusing, making the work harder. Working under Julie, I would respond positively to her instructions, but also respectively inform her of what we are doing in the wrong way and how to improve the performance of the center. Julie mostly practices exploitative authoritative with a bit of benevolent style. Most of the responsibilities and decision making lies with her, and the opinions of the staff are not considered. However, she is aware of what is happening around, and works had to see the company succeed.

Several problems appear in the case study. First, NCLS lacks organized process in its workflow evident in the waiting lobby where customers are frustrated for waiting for too long. There is also a backlog of work created by the tedious paperwork. In addition, the workers are confused about following the director’s guidelines, which creates a conflict between the staff and management. Another problem occurs in leadership, where the director is unable to communicate with the team. Julie also appears overwhelmed with work and unable to control the chaotic environment. There are some opportunities to improve service delivery in the center. First, a process to schedule the clients should be put into place and followed to ensure timely service delivery.

The interviewing process should also be improved; for example, the client should be served with a questionnaire and should fill it before visiting the NCSL office to avoid time wastage. Also, the volunteers should be trained well to understand what is expected of them. The boxes should also be well labeled, and their function communicated to the workers. Besides, the firm should hire and train another full-time employee to assist the director and run the firm in the absence of Julie. Lastly, the staff should be given a chance to voice their opinions on the performance and the opportunity for growth of the center. The director should give room for free communication between her and the workers to empower them as a part of the organization.

Some of the values that would be identified with the opportunities include participation, involvement, and empowerment. Others would be the value of groups, the importance of learning, growth, and development. The opportunities also illustrate the need for empowerment and involvement of the workers in the running of the organization through information sharing. Besides, the solutions offer room for dialogue, learning, and growth development among the staff. Finally, all the opportunities aim at providing the best service to the client, which improves the effectiveness of the organization in terms of its goals and objectives.


In summary, providing the best service to the customers is the primary goal of a company. To achieve the objective, firms should create a working environment that is conducive to the staff’s adequate performance. The companies should also have defined and effective process with a clear information flow that improves service delivery. A manager such as director in NCSL should give their employee a chance to participate in decision-making and also delegate duties to the subordinate to empower them.