Letter of Claim for Issuance of defective machine

Claim Letter and Memo

Letter of Claim for Issuance of defective machine







Peter Stockholm

General Service Manager

Nakumatt Company

114 Wall Street


Dear Peter,

Ref: Claim for a TV Replacement or Repair

I am writing to express my grievance concerning a faulty SONY television which I purchased from your company on 12 August 2017 at $200.99, serial number 771992. The transaction took place at Nakumatt supermarket, New York branch. Please find the copies of the sale receipt and warranty documents attached. The machine was advertised for sale in the business section of the daily newspaper dated 10 August 2017.

From day one, I had issues with the quality of the television. Foremost, it took long to power up, and the audio clarity was not up to the mark. However, I proceeded to use it for two weeks, up until 1 September 2017 when I noted some serious malfunctions. On starting, the TV did not produce any sound except for an initial blaring noise. Thus, the audio function was found to be defective. I checked the user manual and followed the troubleshooting guidelines, but it did not help. Hence, I concluded that the television is unfit for its intended purpose, which rendered it completely useless.On 3 September 2017, I returned the item to your premises and found Nancy, a sales representative, whom I asked if the machine could be replaced or at least exchanged with another of the same value.

Upon the inspection of the TV set, Nancy told me that it was irreparable since its spare parts were not available at your store. She            then suggested that instead of having it replaced I should upgrade to the latest model of the SONY television at an extra cost of 70$. However, I told that I did not want to make the additional payment and that I wanted the TV substituted by another of equal value, or have my money refunded. She said that since your store does not offer refunds and I did not want to upgrade the TV, she could not help me.

I believe that you are infringing my rights by neither rectifying nor replacing the TV. Therefore, I would like to return it to your premises for a full refund of the purchase price. You have ten working days to inform me of your next course of action. Failure to act within the stated timeframe will leave me no alternative but to proceed with legal action.

Please contact me via telephone or email address provided here if you wish to discuss this matter and reach a suitable settlement.

Telephone Number:

Email address: name@yahoo.com

Yours sincerely,





To: Peter Stockholm.


Date: 3 September 2017

Subject: Customer service dissatisfaction

I am compelled to express my concern and dissatisfaction towards how your employees are handling issues related to refunds and repairs of malfunctioned items purchased from your branch store.

I suggest that your company revisits and revises the terms and conditions regarding the repair and replacement of faulty products to avoid inconveniencing customers. The staff should be well informed so as to offer quick alternatives to customer complaints instead of sending them away without solutions. Additionally, the performance of scheduled maintenance on products in stock ought to be carried out to ensure that they are in excellent condition. Refunds should also be considered in cases whereinmending and substitutions are not applicable. Undoubtedly, your respectable company risks losing its good reputation, hence customers, if an issue such as this one continues arising.

Over the decades, your company has realized significant success as a result of its large market share. Hence, the company should pay close attention to the customers’ pleas and requeststo attain further achievements. Your company should follow the above procedures to improve client relations, hence reduce complaints, thereby enabling the business to retain most customers as well as to gain new potential ones.

Kind regards,