Literature Analysis on Short Term Memory in Elderly/Seniors

  1. Choose cognitive psychology topic from textbook (if desired).
  2. Review the references in the back of the textbook for that topic.
  3. Search the topic (using relevant and proper keywords) in academic databases first, then in popular literature.
  4. Review literature you find.
  5. Write a 5-page summary of the research or published reviews within the past 20years (2000-2019).
  6. Paper should be formatted and written in APA style, and should include a title page, 3-5 paragraph (max) introduction of the topic and purpose of the paper, body of the paper (the literature review, with relevant subheadings as needed), and a conclusion (summary of what has been presented), along with a reference page.
  7. Minimum of seven sources, five of which must be academic.

Short Term Memory in Elderly/Seniors