Literature: Sample Essay on Religion and sexuality

Religion and sexuality

Romans and Greeks engaged in the celebration of their global achievement which became evident via sex. The sexual inequality in relation to gender lines and age factors supported those who were privileged in their status. This was at the expense of individuals who were not fortunate in society. The issue of inequality among the Greeks marked their heterosexual relations and sexuality. This applied in both the Roman and Greek community.

Furthermore, in Greek society, age proportion was connected to power and sex. Men who appeared to be old subjected the young ones to political rights. This was based on the public life and sexual pleasure. In addition, aged partners who were active were expected to control their desires and be sensible. Conversely, those who were in the beloved category were expected to have no desire towards sex. The eromenos was supposed to appreciate their lovers to accomplish assistance and attention.

The responsibility of relationships was to impart young men with skills of becoming appropriate nobles (Crawford, 2007, p. 64). In Greek community, the homosexuality aspect among men was vital. As a result, the activity of sex became highly gendered. This is because mature men who were penetrated ought to be short in regard to their masculinity. According to fathers in the early church, they claimed that such acts incorporated sexual sins. They further reveal actions such as homosexuality to involve shameful passions.

In some circumstances, individuals who were married became worried that they feared each other instead of God. In his letter, St. Jerome emphasized on the negative factors that revolved around marriage. He put emphasis on virginity in that individuals who embraced the virtue would be rewarded in heaven. In Catholic Church, priests were supposed to practice celibacy during the medieval periods.   In the late antiquity, Christians decided to valorize abstinence of sex to become spiritual elite.


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